Overview Edit

With so many PMCs across the globe, battles took place between government (PMC) and rebel troops. One of these battles took place in North Africa. The factions were the North African Rebels and Egyptian Rebels against the Fallen Falcon PMC, and, later, The Lost Wanderers.

North Africa Siege Edit

The North African Rebels, after two years of fighting, learnt the location of the Fallen Falcon Headquarters (FFHQ) from an informant, Big Snake. They amassed a huge army and launched an attack on the HQ, killing most of the PMCs, taking some prisoners, killing B&B member Flying Wolf and stealing several Strykers that were later laundered by Drebin 214. The rebels started using the captured HQ as a base.

Formation of The Lost Wanderers Edit

A small number of PMC troops were not present at the HQ during the siege becaue they were out on a recon mission. They vowed revenge when they saw all the dead PMCs while heading back to the base. They created their own sub-PMC, calling themselves The Lost Wanderers, or the LW.

Cairo Ambush Edit

A small unit of Egyptian Rebels were protecting Drebin 214 and were escorting him to a safe zone when they were caught in an orchestrated ambush by the LW Snipers. The rebels and Drebin were killed, with only one PMC Sniper being shot by them.

Big Snake's Revolt Edit

Big Snake, leader of the Egyptian and North African Rebels, decided to avenge the death of Drebin and the rebels. He hunted down every member of the LW and assassinated them all one by one, finally ending PMC presence in North Africa.