Metal Gear Solid: Germany Under Fire is fanon written by SolidSnake3500. The story takes place in 2001. Its protagonist is Jennifer Patterson, a character who's got no battle experience until she found her destiny in it as a warrior. She becomes known as Black Snake.

Prologue (Part I): First Class Edit

Sunday January 19th, 2001 (U.N. Headquarters. New York City, United States): The German government has reported that a Neo-Nazi group called “Weisses Kurzweil” launched an attack over Berlin.

The situation is out of control for the German Army and they’ve decided ask for International help.

The German Prime Minister, Robert A. Schweinsteiger decided to arrive his plane to New York to discuss about the situation the German people were living.

In the U.N. he explained that the Neo-Nazi group has taken a revolution to control the democratic state.

He asked help to the English and French governments to send their troops to Germany, but they’ve denied his request. The rest of the governments have denied and they’ve told Schweinsteiger that he should show his power as the President, not as the messenger.

After the reunion, Schweinsteiger was furious and returned to the airport but suddenly he received a call from a military officer of I.S.A.F.

"Mr. Schweinsteiger?". Schweinsteiger was worried and said "Who is it?" The man on the phone replied using an evasive tone and said "There’s no time for that".

Schweinsteiger was nervious but he changed his nervous expressions into angrier ones. He said "What? Tell me who are you!" The stranger said "You’re looking for help, aren’t you?"

Schweinsteiger raised an eyebrow and got shocked. He had no idea he was being watched. He said: Huh? How do you…?

The stranger said "Listen to me very carefully. If you want this opportunity, we’ll meet in the Hangar No. 1 at the airport in twenty minutes".

Schweinsteiger tried to react but he couldn't and said "What? Wait, wait a minute…! Hello? Hello!?" One of his bodyguards asked him "What’s going on, Sir?" and Schweinsteiger said "Take me to the airport, now. And don’t ask why." His bodyguard didn't hesitate and said "Yes, Prime Minister".

Schweinsteiger and his escort team went to the airport right away. He was concerned about the call he received and thinking if it was a set up, or was with the intention of helping his people. During the trip on his limousine, he ordered his crew to leave him alone to meet the officer. Finally, he arrived to the airport looking for the Hangar he should go. And the man was there, as he promised. He wore some kind of Colonel-class uniform, revealing he was coming from a different military organization. Neither U.S. Military nor NATO forces. He was there waiting for the concerned German Prime Minister, but he was escorted by three other agents.

The officer received him with a smile and said "Glad you’re here, Sir. Looks like you’re really asking for help". Schweinsteiger wasn't there for jokes and replied "Whatever. I’m Prime Minister Robert Schweinsteiger". The officer interrupted him and said "I know who you are. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Richard Garrison, 1st Class Colonel of I.S.A.F. Special Forces".

Schweinsteiger didn't know what I.S.A.F. was, but he didn't say anything and led Garrison keep talking. Garrison said "I found out about your situation in Berlin on the news. Can you tell us what happened?"

Schweinsteiger looked afraid of it and didn't reply because of his distrust in Colonel Garrison. Garrison asked "What’s the matter? and Schweinsteiger replied "What makes you think I should trust you?" Garrison smiled and said "Fair enough".

The Prime Minister asked "Why?" while Garrison, with a cocky attitude replied "Because I know you want to find the definitive solution for the coup d’état your country is going through. Schweinsteiger was shocked when hearing that kind of answer. One of Garrison's escorts told him "Colonel, it is time" and he asked to the German PM "So, Mr. Prime Minister, what do you say? You want this opportunity, don’t you?"

Schweinsteiger was reluctant about the "offer" but he was convinced and said "All right, all right. I’ll take the shot"

Colonel Garrison smiled and said "Good choice" but Schweinsteiger wasn't that happy due to be the first time asking for help to an organization he never heard of. He said "I hope so. If not, then I’m going to regret this for the rest of my life". Garrison looked at him with a serious stare and replied "You won’t". Both shook their hands and Garrison said "So?" and Schweinsteiger changed his closed attitude into an open one and gave Garrison details about the situation. He said "Well, the Neo-Nazis main attacks against people had started about six months ago, you know.

Since we agreed to let the Americans build their base in Ramstein and let people from many different countries to live here, the Socialist Party complained and Neo-Nazi small groups increased rapidly. Anyway, the members of my cabinet received death threats and shooting attempts, including myself. Two of them died three months ago". Colonel Garrison asked "And what are they demands?" Schweinsteiger replied "They want my resignation and my exile outside Germany, but I can’t do that. My people need help and I can’t fail them". Colonel Garrison sighed and said "Hmm, when did they start to attempt against you?" Schweinsteiger replied "A while ago".

Colonel Garrison sighed again and just said "Hmm…" Schweinsteiger stared at him while thinking and asked "What is it?" Colonel Garrison replied "You have to come with us".

The Prime Minister wasn't happy for that and said "What!? Why!?" Colonel Garrison replied "To tell you how to send help to Germany"

The Prime Minister didn't like that idea, but he knew it was now or never to solve the crisis his country was being through he said "But… all right, but I have a question" and Garrison asked "What is it?" Schweinsteiger had doubts about the organization Garrison was working for and asked "What’s I.S.A.F.?"

Colonel Garrison shook his head and smiled while saying "I’ll explain you during the trip"

Schweinsteiger had no choice but to go with the I.S.A.F. officers.

They approached to a C-17 Globemaster III plane to Nebraska. During the trip, Colonel Garrison explained to Schweinsteiger what exactly I.S.A.F. was:

Colonel Garrison explained "Ok, I’ll explain it to you.

I.S.A.F. is a non-official organization whom objective is to take part in international conflicts and stabilize the order and bring peace with the authorization of the affected government or governments."

Schweinsteiger paid attention to every explaination but still had some doubts and said "Oh… Does the American government know about its existence?"

Colonel Garrison just said "No." Schweinsteiger kept asking "Then who support you, guys?" Colonel Garrison replied "That’s confidential". Schweinsteiger was suspecting it was a set up but he just asked "And do the other leaders know about its existence?

Colonel Garrison replied "No. The CIA and the NSA are some of our supporters and they consider the existence of this organization as “Top-Secret”.

Schweinsteiger smiled and said "Now it’s not confidential, Colonel. So how was this organization founded? and Colonel Garrison said "I’ll tell you about it, but if you tell this to anyone else, you will begin an International conflict, ok?" Schweinsteiger replied with a simple "Yes." Colonel Garrison sighed and said "All right"

This organization was planned in 1973 but it took 17 years to be formed.

Schweinsteiger: 1990? The worldwide protest. Colonel Garrison: May 5th, 1990: President Clinton requested support to the U.N. and N.A.T.O. to evacuate poor people from their houses on the whole Asian continent to establish Military Bases for the U.S. Military.

The U.N. along with the N.A.T.O. and the 80% of the U.S. being forced refused to evacuate poor communities in Asia. But Clinton ordered the American Military to go to Syria for that purpose.

The 80% of the U.S. forces along with the 80% of the N.A.T.O. forces and the other 80% of the U.N. forces including Generals, Colonels, Commandants and every man with the highest ranks that every soldiers knows resigned and they left their respective military divisions, forever.

During the next two years, the deserters worked in secret to create an organization with the duty to defend the right ideals with authorization from the leaders of the victim country or countries if it is more complicated.

Finally, on July 12th, 1992, I.S.A.F. was founded in secret of course. Schweinsteiger: Hmm, interesting story.

Colonel Garrison: Right.

The plane finally landed at one of I.S.A.F.'s Headquarters runway located in Nebraska. Both Colonel Garrison and President Schweinsteiger got out of the plane to discuss the situation about the help Garrison planned to give to save a country which is coming back to old days of torture and darkness; Germany.

Prologue (Part II): The Assignment Edit

Everybody in the base knew the Colonel came back, along with the young soldiers.

Jennifer and three other of her partners (Named Gary Feldman, Tim Taylor and Heather Haussmann) were at the training field but they decided to go to see what was going on:

Feldman said "Oh no, Looks like Garrison is back" while Taylor said "Let me guess; with another leader." Haussmann was kinda excited, looked at the guys and said "Let’s see who this time is."

Feldman said "All right guys" and Taylor asked to Jennifer "You wanna come with us Patterson?" Jennifer reluctantly said "Umm… sure."

The group went to see who was accompanying Garrison. The four sneaked into a military vehicle that was located nearby the runway where Garrison and Schweinsteiger were. Feldman said "Give me the binoculars, Tim." and Taylor gave them to him.

Haussmann had a suspicious look about Schweinsteiger's identity. She said "Who is that guy?" and Feldman replied "I don’t know, but…"

Taylor took away the binoculars from Feldman's hands due to curiosity and Feldman said "Hey, give them back to me!" Taylor said "Stop it! Damn, I can’t recognize him too."

Jennifer was confident and said "Maybe I know him." but Feldman laughed at her and doubted it. Jennifer had a serious look on her face. Feldman said "Twenty bucks you don’t know him".

Jennifer smiled and said "Haha, you're on, moron." She grabbed the binoculars to watch and identify who was the man besides Garrison".

Feldman asked "So Jen, who's that?" and Jennifer replied "Let me check." She was watching Garrison and recognized Schweinsteiger immediately. She said "Could it be him? Yes, it's him. It's definitely him; Robert Schweinsteiger" and Taylor couldn't believe what he just heard and said "What? The German Prime Minister? Jennifer replied "The same one."

Haussmann was serious and asked "Wait, what is he doing here in the States?" while Feldman jokingly replied "Maybe for a short visit to us?" Haussmann didn't like his reply and said "Dumbass."

Taylor said "No, is not that". Jennifer gave her answer by saying "Maybe he’s here for some diplomatic affairs." Haussman, with an ironic behavior said "Like what? Scandals, Democratic crises or an affair with a hooker?"

Taylor was thinking about a possible answer for their theories. He said "An inner conflict maybe?"

When Tim said “inner conflict”, Jennifer solved the case and said "That's it! An inner conflict" but Haussmann didn't agree with her and replied "I don't think so". Taylor asked "Then what?"

Jennifer raised an eyebrow and said "I got it! It’s the Berlin war! Feldman, doubting said "Berlin war?" while Haussmann still didn't agree and replied "Berlin war? Oh, don’t be a fool."

Jennifer defended her theory and shouted "It’s true!" Feldman wanted to cool things down and said "Easy, girls." Taylor still couldn't understand and asked "What are you talking about, Patterson?". Jennifer replied "The conflict in Germany." Feldman, Haussmann & Taylor had confused looks and asked "Huh?"

Jennifer couldn't believe their friends didn't have any idea about the crises in Germany. She asked "Haven’t you seen the news?" but Feldman, Haussmann & Taylor didn't answer her question. Jennifer shook his head and gave them some clues. She said "Don’t you remember the terrorist attacks against Schweinsteiger six months ago? And the beginning of the war between civilians and Neo-Nazis? He came to the U.N. for help."

Taylor said "Oh, yes. I remember the news from yesterday." and Haussmann said "Right. That’s true. On the other side Feldman, still confused asked "Wait a second. If Schweinsteiger came to the U.N. for help, then why is he in our base?" Haussmann ironically replied "Ask him." Taylor asked "You mean Garrison?" Feldman tried to take away the binoculars from Taylor's hands and shouted "Gimme that thing!" Taylor replied shouting too "Hey!"

Jennifer tried to shut them up and said "Shhhh! Quiet for God sake!"

When Feldman and Taylor were arguing, an instructor Sergeant heard them yelling each other and went to stop and report them.

The Sergeant shouted "Hey you!! What are you doing!? Taylor yelled at Feldman "You see!?" Feldman replied by yelling at Taylor "What!? You’re the one who started this!!" Taylor replied "Me!?". Feldman, angrier than before grabbed Taylor by his neck and shouted "Shut up!!!" Taylor pushed him and yelled "No, you shut up!!!!"

Feldman got angrier and shouted louder than before "You wanna fight me!!?" Taylor shouted louder "Try it asshole!!!!"

Both of them started to fight each other. Some blood was shed, but Haussmann and the instructor stopped them. Haussmann was shocked and shouted "Stop it! Both of you!" and the instructor scolded them and said "You’re supposed to be in your training sessions. I want to know why you are here the four of you."

Haussmann tried to explain it to him by saying "Sorry Sergeant Farley, it won’t happen again." but it didn't work and Sergeant Farley shut her up and said "I didn’t ask you, soldier." He was pissed off with them because he considered it as an act of disrespect and indiscipline. However, Jennifer felt she had to face the Sergeant and explain to him why the happening. She had a serious look on her face and said "If you excuse me, I can explain it all." Sergeant Farley was like "Huh?"

Jennifer started to explain. She had to convince a very serious Sergeant Farley whose look could scare anyone on his path. She said "You know, I lost my cross here and my partners were with me helping looking for it, but we saw the Colonel with that man and that was very curious to me so I wanted to see and told them to come with me."

Sergeant Farley smiled and asked "Curious?" but his look changed into a colder one and said "Hmm… is that true?"

Jennifer was disposed to risk herself for her partners and friends and replied "Yes sir. I will face the consequences, but don’t report them okay?"

Farley was making them nervous about his decision and whispered "Hmm…"

Jennifer had a worried look on her face and said "Please Sergeant. Please"

Sergeant got convinced by Jennifer and said "…All right. But this is the last time I will let you do that the four of you but if you do it again, I'll make your training sessions a living hell licking at my boots and begging until you wish to never do that again. Did I get myself clear? Jennifer, Feldman, Taylor and Haussmann: Yes sir!

Farley had an evil smile on his face and just said "Good."

He suddenly changed his look into an angrier one and said "Now, get back to your training!" Then he left. Jennifer and the others dodged a bullet by the Sergeant and got a relief.

Taylor felt he was lucky and said "Whew. That was a close one." Haussmann, with her heart beating fast said "Yeah, you call it. That sergeant makes me have chills." Feldman apologized to the rest "Yes me too. Sorry guys."

Taylor said "Don’t do that again Gary" and spread his hand to shake it with Feldman's

Both shaked their hands and Feldman said "Yes. It won’t happen again." and Jennifer was looking at the blue sky, thinking about the happening a few minutes ago. She told them "Go back to the training field. I’ll meet you there." Taylor was confused and asked "What? And you? What are you going to do?" and She sighed and replied "I’m staying here to take some fresh air." Taylor said "Is that so? Ok." while Feldman said "Well, we’ll meet you there. All right, let’s go guys." but just before they left, Jennifer didn't forget the bet and said "Feldman?". He replied "What?" and she refreshed his memory by asking "Don't you forget something?"

His happy face suddenly turned into a "Damn-like" one and replied "Yeah, yeah, yeah. There you go"

Jennifer smiled and said "Thanks. Keep it up." while he replied "Very funny Patterson." Her friends left her and headed to the training field while Jennifer decided to take some air after what happened.

Five minutes later, she returned to the training field.

Hours later after the training were finished, the group of soldiers went to their respective dining halls to get something to eat and continue with their activities.

During the meal time, the very same Sergeant Farley was at dining hall looking for Jennifer. He didn’t found her, but he found her friends.

He approached them and asked "Have you seen Cadet Patterson?" and Taylor replied "No, why? Is something wrong?" Farley replied "The General wants to see her"

Feldman got upset and asked using an angry tone "What? Why?" and Farley didn't hesitate to reply with the same tone Feldman used. He said "That’s not your business, cadet."

Feldman's look surprised Farley while the others got shocked and Haussmann whispered "Please, don't hit him. Please don't hit him.

Before leaving, Farley told them "When you meet her, tell her that General Marshall wants to see her in his office." and the others got nervous once again. Everybody was staring at Feldman and he had a look that nobody would want to approach him in years.

After the Sergeant left the place, Feldman felt so angry because he suspected Farley told to their superiors about the last situation when they saw Colonel Garrison with the German Prime Minister Schweinsteiger.

Taylor calmed him down and told him the thing happened and they couldn’t do anything to change it. In that moment, Jennifer came back from the training field and meet them. She walked to the table where her friends were having dinner.

She said "Hey guys. What’s new in the menu for today?". She sat down next to Haussmann and tied her red long hair in a ponytail after asking but Haussmann didn't turn to see her. However, she had a disappointed look on her face and replied "The same thing of yesterday."

For some reason, Jennifer was happy and said "That’s great! I love roast beef with vegetables and…"

Suddenly, she noticed they were worried and angry, so she asked "Hey, what’s wrong? It seems like you were beaten by McPherson." and Feldman answered "Sergeant Farley opened his mouth".

Jennifer raised an eyebrow and almost broke down in anger shouting "What!!?" and everybody stared at her, but she didn't like it and shouted "What the hell are you looking at you people?!!". Then, everybody went back what they were doing. Taylor on the other hand was calmed unlike the rest of the group. He said "Gary, we don’t know if that was for sure."

Jennifer, now confused asked "Hey, can anyone of you tell me what’s going on?" Nobody wanted to answer, but Taylor decided to do so. He got serious and replied "General Marshall wants to see you right now. Farley came here to tell us that so we can tell you right after you meet us".

Jennifer got shocked and asked "The General? Why?" while Haussmann said "Don’t ask why, just go. We’ll meet you in the math class." Jennifer said "Okay. I better see him right now. See ya." and Feldman wished her the best by saying " Good luck girl."

When she left, he said "We’re dead. We’re dead, man." and Taylor replied "Shut up."

Jennifer went straight to General Marshall's office but during the way, she realized everybody there knew something about her because the whole people there was staring at her with shocked looks and she got confused and nervous for that. A cadet approached her and said "Sergeant Farley was looking for you" and she replied "I know. Thanks" Just before she reached the office, she met Sergeant Farley in the corridor. She shouted "Sergeant, over here! and ran to him while Sergeant Farley just said "Cadet Patterson" with a serious look on his face.

She asked him" You called me?" and Farley replied "Yes. Come with me." while people at there were staring at her like she was some kind of freak. They were walking through the corridor of the floor were Marshall's office was and the more closer they got, the more nervous she got and asked "What's going on, Sir?" and Farley replied "The General wants to see you now. It's important." but it wasn't enough for Jennifer and kept asking " About what? Is this about the last situation we had?. Farley on the other hand replied coldly "That’s not my business. Ask it to the General."

She asked "What’s going on?" but she didn't get any reply from Farley. She was very nervous about the sneaking situation she got involved. Farley and Jennifer finally reached the General’s office and Farley knocked at the door.

Jennifer heard the sound of General Marshall's voice saying "Come" and she got more nervous than before.

Sergeant Farley saluted the General and said "Sir, I bring you the cadet you were requesting to meet" and Marshall replied "Thank you Sergeant Farley. Dismissed."

Farley left Jennifer in the office as soon as Marshall gave the order:

Jennifer entered and stayed standing in front of Marshall's sight and saw him sat on his chair reading her profile. She couldn't do anything but wait and listen what Marshall had to say".

It passed a minute and it was quiet. Completely silent. Jennifer waited for Marshall to say something to her but she got more impatient and afraid. She had to look at a quiet and focused General Marshall reading Jennifer's records. He suddenly said her name "Jennifer Maria Elizabeth Patterson. Long name huh. Cute by the way."

Jennifer became more concerned and closed her beautiful blue eyes for three seconds thinking it was the end for her and her friends' career. Then he said "I read your official profile. It says good references about you."

The General started to talk and Jennifer had to be still and quiet. He said "You joined this organization two years ago, showing excellent physical performance, an extensive knowledge in history and tactics. Then it says you were sent to investigate the Seattle scandal last year carrying with you vital information about nuclear weapons been trafficked in the black market during some meetings in Israel.

Nine months ago, Captain Rolston request me to send him to England having you as his assistant for the Operation “Red Night”. This was a success. I remembered that. In the field, you showed a high skill and performance in Close Quarters Combat for the two years of your staying in this organization. A technique we've never been witnesses here for years.

Let me see more.

Umm... mmm.

Very interesting.

Jennifer was afraid and almost dropped some tears from her eyes thinking of the way she "wasted" her position in the organization

According to the Strategic Command Center you can speak more than 6 different languages. Fluently.

You obtained the highest qualification in this base’s history of the test of the arming process of an M-4, applied by Major Thompson on November 17th, 2000. You were certified as a skilled Sharpshooter (Sniper), Markswoman and a formidable operative using handguns, according to superior officers they had you as a disciple. This was part of the final tests for the last semester realized on December 20th, 2000.

You received the title of the Cadet of the Year for two consecutive years and a Weapons use and Management certification signed by me on December 30th, 2000. I remembered I saw the results of that. And you aspire to become an I.S.A.F. agent.

I never saw such a file like this in years. I remember I saw a file like this when I was invited by a Special Forces Unit as supervisor. Perhaps this is by far, the best file in the history of this organization. You should be proud of yourself. Jennifer replied "Thank you sir." with a serious look on her face. However, she changed her look by closing her eyes again when Marshall said "Unfortunately, you’re still not an I.S.A.F. agent."

Marshall asked "Do you know why you are here?" and Jennifer shook her head only without saying a word. Then he "I knew it." and Jennifer felt it was time to confess what she did with her friends so she put her head held high and said "Sir, I am very sorry about my indiscipline and I will front the consequences of my acts. It won’t happen again."

Marshall didn't understand and asked "What? What are you talking about cadet?" and Jennifer replied felling herself responsible "I left my training for just 5 minutes and when the plane of Colonel Garrison came back, I had curiosity about who was with him so I told them to come with me, we snuck in and... we did it."

Marshall changed his confused look into a serious one and asked "Is that right? and Jennifer replied "Yes sir."

Marshall was kinda angry for that and said "Well, if that’s the case, then I have no choice but to suspend you…"

Jennifer closed her eyes and said with her head held high "I understand." and opened but then Marshall smiled and said "...later of course." Jennifer had a shocked look on her when she heard that and asked "…what?" Marshall replied "That’s why I’m asking you. Do you know why you are here?" and Jennifer said "...No sir. I don't"

Marshall sighed and said "Well, I’ll explain it to you."

Marshall told her about the situation that Germany was going through and about a task that I.S.A.F. had for her.

Jennifer was shocked for a while.

Marshall said "You said something about Garrison and the man who was next to him." and Jennifer replied "Yes." Then he continued "Well, that man was none other than the Primer Minister of Germany, Robert Schweinsteiger.

He came from the U.N. requesting help from us. According to him, he can’t control the situation in Germany because of the rise of a new Neo-Nazi regime that rebelled against him demanding his resignation as a President. As you know, Germany is in Coup D’état.

If he resigns, Germany will collapse and the National Socialist Party will be reborn and reunited once again. That’s something neither Schweinsteiger, nor me want to happen. And that means…"

Jennifer finished the answer by replying "… the beginning of a new world war." Marshall said "Exactly. We need to send an experienced agent for that. Obviously."

Jennifer was confused and asked "And what does it have to do with me?" Marshall replied "Schweinsteiger wants a non-experienced soldier to do the task. I suggested him to send one of our best agents to do the job, but he turned down the advice. He suggested us sending a new agent with no experience and that’s why I read your profile.

Two days ago, I.S.A.F. Headquarters in Washington D.C. reported the results of new members to form the next generation of Anti-Terrorism units, not to mention the one to select the right agent to be sent to Berlin.

Jennifer raised an eyebrow and asked "Huh?"

Marshall said "You have an extensive expertise at the Espionage field and outstanding references from renowned officers. You have the attitude of a spy. And guess what?

You were the chosen one for this job."

Jennifer got shocked. On the other hand Marshall said "What do you think? Shocking isn’t it? Patterson, I’ll send you to Germany to aid the Bundeswehr. That’s the German Military, along with many of their strategic divisions." "Jennifer couldn't believe what she asked almost shouted "What!?"

Marshall smiled and said "That’s what I hope to see." but Jennifer felt she wasn't ready and said "But sir… I appreciate your words, but I don’t think I’m right person for the job. I’ve never been in such a secret operation like this one." Marshall said "No need to worry, young lady. There’s always a first time.

However, this isn’t just a simple operation. It’s a campaign." Jennifer was afraid and tried to avoid the commitment by saying "What? Campaign? Sir… I’m not a qualified operative yet."

Marshall said "I said no need to worry about it. Leave it to me." Jennifer was more afraid and asked "What?"

Marshall tried to convince her by saying "Ok, I have a deal for you. If you complete the task, which means; support the German Military with reconnaissance missions, following orders from the German command, bringing vital information and stopping attacks from the Neo-Nazi rebels, even nuclear strikes, you will become an I.S.A.F. agent with a high rank in the Strategic Command Center and a job as Chief of the Special Operations Department."

Jennifer couldn’t believe it and didn't know what to say, because she knew that no other cadet receive such a deal like that. If she accepts it, it will mean the beginning of an adventure, which has no end and one of the greatest opportunities that she had in her life. She had a particular concerned look on her face. She knew the huge responsiblility she would carry on her shoulders

Marshall asked for an answer "So, what do you think?" while Jennifer was unsure she could do it and said ·Geez. Well, I’m not sure if I might accept this job." Marshall persuaded her by saying "Is that so? Well, I want an answer now." Jennifer kept evading the shot and said "I don’t know, General." He was impatient and yelled at her "Then say it!"

Jennifer, with a shocked look said "Sir, I thank you for the deal, but I don’t know. It’s too risky."

Marshall replied "You see!? Now you act like an agent. An agent always knows everything is risky. You have twenty minutes to think about it. Dismiss cadet."

Marshall gave her sometime to think about the job and to get an answer. Jennifer got out of the office and sat down on chair next to the door. She was concerned and didn't know if accept it or not. However, if Jennifer accepts the task, it will become her first official operation of her career. She had a thoughtful look on her face and her head touching her chest like she screwed something. She was passing her hand all around her face without knowing what to do. Then a man wearing a captain uniform came by; he watched her and asked "What is it, child". Jennifer raised an eyebrow and recognized that voice. A voice she haven't heard for quiet some time. Then, the man said "You look sad. Remember what I taught you. Never be afraid. Never back down and…" Jennifer knew that quote and finished it "Never let yourself down."

She raised up her head slowly and saw the man. She immediately jumped with joy and said "What?! What!? Captain Kasler! You’re back!"

George Kasler, a man who worked with Big Boss and Solid Snake in the past and adopted Jennifer back when she was a kid. She locked him in a death hug. He said "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't wanna die." Jennifer released him and said "Sorry, my bad" Kasler, happy to see Jennifer asked "How are you? and she replied "Me? I’m great. It’s nice to see you again! I’m happy you’re back!"

Kasler touched Jennifer's cute face and smiled "Me too. I’m happy to see you too." Jennifer dropped a tear and said "Oh Captain. You haven’t changed." and Kasler laughed and cleaned the tear off her face.

George Kasler, a former soldier who got retired from the U.S. Military in 1999.

During the time of his retirement, he met Jennifer for the first time in years; during the first week of her joining in I.S.A.F. when she was returning to her home from the Base.

When they met that day, he taught her some combat techniques, martial arts and knowledge in Weaponry. Also, he taught her Weapons Management and Using.

Kasler and Jennifer sat down and he asked "So, how you doing? You look sad. I never saw you like that before."

Jennifer replied with a happy look "It’s nothing. I’m just here. Waiting." but Kasler knew what was happening and said "It’s okay. You don’t have to lie." Jennifer raised an eyebrow "Hmm?" and Kasler sighed and said "Let me guess; the General offered you a deal because Schweinsteiger can’t control the situation in Germany and you’re nervous because it’s your first official solo mission. Oh, and he gave you some time to think and answer."

Jennifer was impressed "What?" Kasler smiled and said"How’s my aim?" and Jennifer asked "How did you know that?" and Kasler replied "Because I was assigned to support the agent who will go to Germany. In other words, I will be your guardian angel." Jennifer smiled and said "Hahaha. Same funny mouth." then she look concerned and said "But I’m scared. I don't know what to do" Kasler said "It’s ok. I understand your position. You know, I was in my first op as a mercenary. I was like you; but more nervous that you’re now. Your case is nothing compared like the one I was involved. Well, maybe it is even in the degree of alert, but the situation was worse."

Jennifer was interested and asked "What? Why was it worse?" and Kasler replied "Because I was in the battlefield against my will." and Jennifer was confused "Huh?"

Kasler said "I was in a hostile territory, where order didn’t exist and war was the main meal, day and night every day."

Jennifer was touched and looked at Kasler's serious face while saying "Zanzibar Land, a land where freedom disappeared, peace didn’t exist and war was the daily news.

Were or weren’t be ready, you had to fight and keep fighting if you want to be someone, you had to kill if you wanted to be still alive and risk your life for your sake or for the others.

All these things just for keeping yourself alive, but someday that wouldn’t work. Ironic isn’t it?"

Jennifer asked "Zanzibar Land? A country called Zanzibar Land?"

Kasler was kinda impressed and said "So, looks like you have heard of it." and Jennifer replied "Yes, but just a little. I heard that Zanzibar Land was a small country located in the Asian continent. I also heard it's an abandoned land of forgotten mercenaries. I believe peace returned to that country after the conflict ended.

But I wonder how did you get involved on that conflict if you didn’t want to?"

Kasler shook his head and didn't want to reply but he did it anyway. He said "Well, that’s a long story.

I went there because I needed a cure for my disease at that time, you know, a strong cold."

Jennifer said "Malaria."
Fan request MGS Black Snake

Concept artwork of Black Snake by Breno Velasco

Kasler replied "Correct. So I went to Zanzibar for a research that I read and I was retired for the army, but at that time I was a mercenary too. Until a rebel army reached the town and started shootings against people, leaving huge numbers of casualties. Trust me, it was horrible.

I was lucky to survive from that, but I was captured." Jennifer was shocked "You never mentioned it."

Kasler replied lowing his head "I didn't because it's a painful memory." Jennifer grabbed Kasler's hand and asked "Then what happened?

Kasler replied "The rebels were still killing people and the survivors were released under one condition, leave the country and not coming back ever again but most of them refused and were murdered, but there was one man. A man who freed us and taught us how to fight them. To defend the nation and the people. And that’s not all; thanks to him, the nation recovered peace and freedom. He crushed the whole rebel army along with its leaders by himself.

He was a hero." But suddenly, he changed the subject and said "Hey, talking about that, in the battlefield, every soldier, even an enemy, has a codename." Jennifer asked and said "Codename? For protection to your identity."

Kasler replied "Something like that. Perhaps you may find some fun on it; if you want to become an agent, you need to have one." and Jennifer said "Interesting."

Kasler stood up from his chair and asked "So, what codename would you like to have?" and Jennifer, who had no idea about using codenames said "I don’t know maybe… Black Butterfly?"

Kasler laughed "What? Hahahahaha." Jennifer on the other hand didn't like his reply. She looked at him and asked using an upset tone "What’s so funny on that?" and Kasler in a mocking tone said "It’s very… clumsy. And soft."

Jennifer had an annoyed look on her face and said "Clumsy? Well, if you know about that, why don’t you give me one?" and he smiled and said "Is that so? Okay."

Jennifer was questioned by Kasler about the codename she chose, so she challenged Kasler to give her a new one, whose meanings of it are; danger, beauty, strength and sharpness. He was walking around her and thinking. After a few seconds, Kasler chose the right codename for her. From that moment, a legend was born; a legend will be told, a legacy will exist and an era will be written. Kasler her eyes and said "I’ve got the right codename for you. She shrugged and was anxious to know about it "Hmm…"

Kasler said "This codename will fit you perfectly." and Jennifer, serious replied "Okay, drop it. He said "All right. From now on, you will be known for the rest of your life as…"

"Black Snake."

Jennifer blinked her eyes and said in a mocking tone "Black Snake?" Kasler asked "What? You don’t like snakes?" and she shook and said "Not for dinner" He shrugged expressing "Hmm" and she asked "But why Black Snake?"

Kasler replied with confidence "Because you’re calculator, strong and smart. And looks like you will be deadly and silent. Besides, only the best agents have aggressive codenames like that one.

It means power, strength, equilibrium and beauty." Jennifer wasn't sure to be called like that and said "But I’m…" then she raised an eyebrow "Wait a second"

Kasler asked "What is it?" and Jennifer said with a slightly more calm tone" " Isn’t it too aggressive?" Kasler replied "Well… yes, but remember; a good soldier is made by his instincts and if he or she dies, that soldier will be remembered by that codename. And he will become a legend."

She lowed her head and said "Wow, you’re talking to me like if I am an agent." and raised her head to look at Kasler's eyes.

Kasler said "That’s the point. Besides, the man that I mentioned had a codename too. The same aggressiveness and courage with its own meaning."

Jennifer turned her serious face into a curious one and asked "And how was his own? What was his codename?" Kasler had a serious look when hearing that and replied "He was known as…" and then General Marshall interrupted Kasler "Patterson, time's up"

Jennifer had a serious face and she had to give her call. Kasler said "Well, looks like time has come." and Jennifer was nervous. She sighed and said "Yeah. I guess so. Whew, here I come." Before she entered to the office, Kasler grabbed her by her arm and asked "Can I give you an advice?" and Jennifer said "Sure." He looked at her eyes and said "When you make your decision to the General, make sure that you’re 100% sure. Because once taking it, there’s no turning back." Jennifer smiled and said "Count on it." After that, she entered to General Marshall's office and stayed standing in front of Marshall.

With a serious look on his face, Marshall asked her "So, have you made a decision? but Jennifer didn't say anything which Marshall didn't like it. His serious face turned into a disappointed one. He shook his head and said "Your silence. Maybe I should call someone else to do the job. Looks like you’re not ready after all." but Jennifer smiled and said "I’ll do it."

Marshall asked "What?" and Jennifer replied confidently "I’ll take the job. I’ll go to Germany to aid the people and the Bundeswehr." Marshall asked again "Are you sure about your decision? Because…" and Jennifer interrupted him and said with confidence and looing at him "...once taking it, there’s no turning back. Yes I know that, Sir. I’m 100% sure and ready." He stood up off his chair and said "Ok, then. Good answer. I knew you would take the right call. I want to see you after class. I will send someone to look for you." and Jennifer replied and saluted "Yes Sir"

Marshall sat down and said "Very well. Dismissed."

Jennifer got out of Marshall's office and accepted the job. Once she left her confident look turned into a shocked one. Kasler was waiting for her to know what did she say to him and Marshall confirmed to the I.S.A.F. Main Headquarters that Jennifer will go to Germany to balance the scales in favor of the Bundeswehr.

Kasle approached and asked "So? How was it?" and Jennifer replied the opposite way she did at Marshall "I… accepted it."

Kasler asked "For yourself? Or just for the General"? and Jennifer replied "I think for both."

Kasler touched her right arm and asked "And do you feel ready?"

Jennifer shook and lowed her head and said "I don’t know" but then raised her head and continued "... but I knew from that moment that someday I would take a decision like this one."

Both walked to get out of the Base's main building and Kasler said "Well, I think you’re right in that point, but in the future, things like these will happen to you even in bad times or without knowing it comes. This is how it works."

When they reached the compound, Kasler told her a few words "Remember something Jen, in the world you’re a person, with qualities and skills, but in the battlefield you’re someone else different from the person that you really are.

In the outside world, you work or do not work. But in the battlefield, it is survive or be hunted. At war, it is kill or be killed. And at Espionage, you live spying or die trying. Don’t forget it."

Jennifer replied "I won’t."

Kasler said "Good. Any question?" and Jennifer sighed and said "Yes. I have one. It’s about the man who freed and helped you to get out from Zanzibar Land. What was the name of that man? What was his codename?" and Kasler shook his head and said "Oh, well. If that’s what you want to know then okay. His codename was…"

Jennifer was so curious about it "Yes" but then Kasler refused to tell her by saying "Oh, sorry, I can’t tell you." Jennifer asked using a loud tone "What? But why?" and Kasler replied "Because I’ll screw it up if I tell you his codename."

Jennifer lowed her head and sighed "Oh, well." Kasler touched Jennifer's chin and raised her head. He said "Besides, a real agent must investigate information about everything, even if is a codename of another agent or soldier."

Jennifer smiled and asked him "May I’ll meet that man someday?" and Kasler had a thoughtful look and replied "Possibly."

Jennifer continued asking "Does that man have a name I’ve heard from somewhere?" and Kasler replied "Maybe."

Jennifer sighed "Hmm." and then she lowed her head and smiled. Kasler asked her "What is it?" and She replied "I was thinking about my new name. My codename." Kasler said "What’s wrong with that?" Jennifer replied in a mocking tone "I realized that’s really scary and strong. And it matches with me."

Kasler said "I see."

Jennifer smiled again and said "Black Snake... Hmm. I like it." and Kasler asked "Really?" while Jennifer replied "Really, I do." Kasler smiled "I’m glad to hear that."

Jennifer hugged Kasler and said "Thanks." and Kasler replied "Don’t mention it." Then Kasler reminded her "Well, you have class don’t you?" and Jennifer raised an eyebrow and said "Oh yes. I forgot it!"

It was time for them to leave. Kasler said "I have to go. I’ll see you later." and Jennifer said "Okay, Captain. Take care." Kasler said "You too." and Jennifer kissed him in the cheek before leaving. Then returned to her class and through the rest of the day, she was thinking about her decision and wanted to regret, but she accepted knowing that there’s was no turning back.

When she reached the classrooms building Jennifer saw her friends waiting for her Taylor was anxious and asked "So, how was it?" and Jennifer didn't catch the question and said "What?" while Taylor reminded it to her "You know, about the fact."

Then she raised an eyebrow and said "Oh, you mean the General, right?" and Taylor replied with a simple and serious "Yes."

Jennifer said "Oh, that? Well… nothing interesting." and Taylor was suspecting Jennifer wasn't telling the truth. The three of them were staring at Jennifer and she asked them "What is it guys?" while Haussmann replied "Nothing. We were just worried about you." Jennifer asked "Why?" and Haussmann shook her head and said "Because we were." Jennifer just said "I see. Well, let’s prepare our presentation." and Taylor replied "Yes. Let’s go." but they noted there something Jennifer had under wraps and didn't believe her at all.

The class day had ended and Sergeant Farley was looking for Jennifer, this time for her assignment situation. Farley found her friends again asked for Jennifer:

Sergeant Farley asked "Have you seen Patterson?" and Taylor asked upset "What? Again? Why this time?" Farley got angry and yelled "This is the last time I’ll tolerate an indiscipline act from you. Next time, I will really report you, is that clear?" and Taylor just said "…Yes, sir."

After yelling at Taylor, Farley said "All right. Now where’s Miss Patterson?" and Taylor, seriously said "At the shooting field."

Sergeant Farley went right away for Patterson. When he reached the shooting field he saw Jennifer holding a Colt M1911A1 and shooting at the targets without missing any shots. He was amazed about her performance as a shooter.

He shouted "Patterson!" and Jennifer stopped shooting, turned around and said "Oh, Sergeant. What is it?" She holstered her gun and Farley approached her and said "General Marshall wants to see you. He is in the Headquarters. We have to go."

Jennifer remembered what Kasler told her and said "Let’s go sir."

Jennifer and Sergeant Farley went straight to the H.Q. to see the Marshall. Sergeant Farley asked "Nervous?" and Jennifer replied with confidence "No." then Sergeant Farley gave her an advice. Jennifer was surprised due to Farley strong personality. He said "Remember; be sure what you’re going to do." and Jennifer smiled and said "Always."

During a week of hard training for her mission, Black Snake was ready to go to Germany with a conviction of complete the job at all costs. But she knows she’s not fighting for herself, but for the people.

Prologue (Part III): New Start Edit

It was a new day, a new beginning, but the skies were gray. The weather was heavy due to a hurricane at West Coast of the country. Jennifer along with her superiors (Kasler and Marshall) hopped in a Sikorky Seahawk helicopter and travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to reach an ISAF submarine but it was such a nightmare due to the heavy rain hitting them hard. After spotting the chopper, the submarine's hatch was opened and a rope was released for Jennifer and the other ISAF staff to land.

They went down and a man received them along with two of the submarine's crew. The man said "Welcome aboard. Lieutenant William Harris, follow me in!" and Jennifer and the crew entered to the submarine.

They headed to the main room of the submarine where the Admiral was waiting for Jennifer and the rest. Lieutenant Harris took them to him and said "Admiral" and the Admiral said "Thank you Lieutenant" he turned around with a serious look on his face and introduced himself "I'm the Admiral Thomas Mitchell, commander of one of the most sophisticated nuclear submarines around the world" and Marshall said "Major General James Marshall, commander of I.S.A.F. Special Forces. This is Captain George Kasler". Mitchell then said "I thought you wouldn't come" and Marshall said "You thought wrong. Besides, it's an International Crisis."

Mitchell turned his look on Jennifer and said "So you’re the girl they were talking about. I’ve been part of many operations about sending agents but I never took part of an operation which sends a woman to a war or a Stealth Mission as an operative. This won’t be the first time in history whose hero is a woman, but it will be my first time to get involved in a mission like this, most of all, in the dawn of a new heroine. A New Legend." With those words, Jennifer knew she was known in the entire organization" Then he said with serious look at her "What’s your name? You know what I mean." and she replied smiling a little "Black Snake." Mitchell said "Black Snake, huh? It sounds dark. I hope you give honor to that name of yours."

Jennifer had a captivating smile on her face and Mitchell continued "So, are you ready?" and Jennifer changed her smile into a serious look by saying "I've never been more than ready." and the rest of the submarine's crew looked at her with signs of respect. Mitchell said "Well, the infiltration method is known as the Submarine Approaching. Better known as the Water Bullet." and Kasler sat on a chair and said "You will be the first woman to be launched from this submarine as a torpedo."

Jennifer said with confidence "I think this will be exciting" but Mitchell shook his head and said "Relax, don’t get too cocky. An operative has to know everything, especially you."

Mitchell showed the method in a screen and started explaining it "This method consists about launching a torpedo from this submarine which contains a soldier inside instead of explosive charge like a normal torpedo. This torpedo will be equipped with an SDV camera inside to let you see where you’re heading to." but Jennifer got confused, so she had interrupt him and said "Wait a second. Why an SDV camera? Isn’t the torpedo going to be launched straight?" and Mitchell replied "Not exactly. It will be launched but due to security measures the torpedo will be equipped with a control panel that will let you take control over the torpedo. In other words, it will be like driving a vehicle. Besides, part of the German waters contains mines.

Jennifer asked "Infiltration Point?" and Lieutenant Harris said "Your infiltration point will be in the coasts of Bremen." and she suddenly said "You mean the fishing port?"

All of them raised their eyebrows and Marshall asked "You know about Bremen? How?" and Jennifer replied "I've been there earlier back. Back once when I was little." After saying that, she turned her serious look into a sad one, then she knew she was in the middle of a mission briefing and asked "But anyway, what's in there?" Mitchell showed a map on the screen " According to a German Intelligence officer, he provided us information about a compound that has important documents about attack plans and even weapons they have on their hands. The Bundeswehr wants them and that, young lady, is your first mission. Retrieve those documents and bring them to the German Military high officers." Jennifer said with a serious tone "Retrieve the documents. Got it."

Mitchell then added "Also, when you complete the task, their agents will contact you and will tell you the place where you have to meet them. Don’t forget it." and she shook her head "I won't". Kasler shrugged and looked at her feeling proud of her. Mitchell asked "Any question?" and Jennifer replied "Mission time limit?" and Marshall looked at her and said "They one that it takes. Just don't screw this up." Mitchell then said smiling "I think she won't." and he approached her saying "You should go and take a nap. You'll leave tomorrow morning. Good Luck" and Jennifer shook her hand with Mitchell's and replied "Thanks."

Then Lieutenant Harris took Jennifer and Kasler to their dormitories and Marshall stayed with Mitchell. Jennifer had a small chat with Kasler to forget the nervs before departing from the submarine and do what she'd been told.

Chapter 1: Black Snake Edit

European Waters (February 2nd, 2001. 0625 hours): The next day of the mission briefing, the ISAF submarine was nearby European seas, between English and German waters; passing across the Atlantic Ocean. During the travel, Black Snake was receiving instructions from Lieutenant Harris. Harris started explaining the final instructions to a serious and confident Jennifer who was decided to not fail "Ok, listen up; we received information about I.S.A.F. was in talks to Schweinsteiger. Now he knows you’re coming. However The Neo-Nazis took control over important cities of Germany. We have to leave you in the sea because Germany is now a hostile territory. Understood?" and Jennifer replied "Yes sir."

Harris continued "Good. As soon as you arrive to Germany, contact us by codec. Now, let me show you the equipment you will use. Follow me." Harris took Jennifer to the submarine's armory to show her the equipment she will use to carry on with her tasks. When they reached there, Harris started to show Jennifer her equipment "SIG-Sauer GSR pistol. .45 Caliber ACP. You’re equipped with 4 magazines; 8 rounds each one. During the operation, you’ll find ammo so you don’t have to worry about it and that’s something you obviously know, right?"

The Sig-Sauer GSR pistol (.45 ACP). This model was used by Black Snake as her main sidearm weapon during the German War.

and Jennifer replied "Yes." Then he continued "Now, you have some binoculars here, water proof with an x50 zoom sight. A couple of stun and smoke grenades, a CQC knife, a backpack, a radio sonar and an anti-personnel sensor, which will let you know about the presence of the enemy if he’s near you. With this gear, you'll stand your ground with no problems." and Jennifer said with confidence "I'll use it well." Just as the moment Jennifer tried to pack, Harris said "Wait. I forgot to give you this." He gave her something never seen since the end of World War II and Jennifer was confused and said "What? A Nazi outfit. Why a Nazi outfit?" and then, she found out the main reason for receiving something like that and said "Oh, I get it. Undercover, right?" and Harris smiled at her "You got it. But try to use it when necessary." and Jennifer replied "Roger. Count on it." Just when finished showing her equipment, Harris left Jennifer and said "Okay, get prepared." and Jennifer headed to the lockers room to get dressed and prepared for the mission. Then she took off her blue tank top and pants just to be in undergarments. Then she looked at herself through the mirror for a minute and washed the dirt off her face and whispered "This is it. The moment I've been waiting for. Don't screw this up Jennifer. Don't fuck this up for God sake" After that, she packed her stuf, then she put on her suit and equipped herself and then she grabbed her GSR, loaded it and placed it in her holster.

Suddenly, one of the submarine pilots used the intercom and warned the crew "Approaching to German coasts in ten minutes" When hearing that, Jennifer knew it was time and headed to the torpedo room where Harris and Kasler were waiting for her. Harris said "If you have trouble with the torpedo releaser, push the emergency button to get out." and she replied "Understood." Just before entering to the torpedo-like capsule Kasler grabbed her arm and said "Remember, the infiltration is through the water, so you have to infiltrate the docks silently. Don’t let them see you." and Jennifer replied with a little smile "Yes sir. I'll be careful."

The submarine was getting closer to the coasts and surfaced off the water. Admiral Mitchell told to the crew on the intercom "Cloudy. Okay gentlemen this is it." and one of torpedo room's crew said "Two minutes to launch. Get inside"

Jennifer lost her nerv but didn't show it by acting serious just as she entered to the capsule". Harris informed Mitchell about Jennifer being ready and said "Agent inside the capsule" and Mitchell replied "Close the hatch."

Once inside Jennifer put on her oxygen mask and turned on her comm device and Kasler said via radio " You’ll be launched at 150 miles per hour. Try to not get fried by the mines."

One of the submarine's crew was on the lookout of the sonar and said "Approaching target in 1 minute"

Harris checked everything and said in loud tone "1 minute for launch. Checking oxygen supply. Levels ok. Pressure stable. All checked! Awaiting orders." Kasler said "This will be very interesting. Let’s see if you can handle the Water Bullet." and Jennifer smiled when hearing that.

One of the crew members said "15 seconds!" and Harris said "Ten seconds for launch. Status ok. All green!" while Mitchell advised the crew for the capsule's launch and started the countdown "Prepare for countdown. Five, four, three, two, one." and Kasler smiled and encouraged Jennifer with proud "Show them what you’ve got. Good luck, Black Snake." Jennifer closed her and took a deep breath before Mitchell gave the order of firing. Then, Mitchell finally gave the order "Fire!"

The capsule was launched at 150 miles per hour of speed straight like a bullet. Jennifer felt the adrenaline engulfing her entire body. Her heart started to beat faster than ever so as breathing. On the path, she saw mines placed on the water through the capsule's camera and had no choice but to evade them using the course control. She informed the submarine's crew "Approaching mines. Initiating evasive maneuvers." and Harris replied "Understood. Exercise extreme caution." She kept avoiding the mines for a few minutes until she felt something wasn't right. "She said "Control, this is Black Snake. I'm facing malfunction issues inside. I'm blind and I can't drive the capsule." Then, the capsule's alarm sounded and advised Jennifer for collision time to get prepared to get out of it but she when pulling the release lever, the emergency hatch didn't open. Her serious face turned into a startled one and shouted "Shit. Control, this is Black Snake. The hatch is stuck. I repeat, the hatch is stuck and I'm closing in fast!" and Kasler replied "Pull the emergency lever. That should work" and she did what she was told but it didn't work either. Jennifer got really scared and shouted "Damn it! It doesn't work!" and Kasler swore "Shit!" and Mitchell said "Attention Rushmore crew, capsule got damaged. I repeat, the capsule has been damaged. Abort mission. Abort!" Just as the capsule was closing in faster, Jennifer started kicking the hatch to open it. She shouted "Open up. Open up! Open up for fuck sake!!!" and then, the alarm started sounding louder and faster detecting a mine placed near and warned for impact. Jennifer kicked the hatch stronger and faster until she managed to open it before the capsule hit a mine blowing it up.

She lost contact with the submarine's crew and Kasler and proceed to swim and reach the surface. She had a shocked look on her when she saw a lot of mines placed on the water and continued swimming with caution to avoid them. Until she surfaced from the water to reach the docks just as the mission briefing described it. Before reaching the surface, she look around the area from the water and swam to a pier.

She went up the surface and took a look of the docks. After that she took off her wetsuit and diving fins, then called Kasler "This is Black Snake, do you read? Captain, this is Black Snake do you read me? Over." and Kasler answered with joy and shouting "Black Snake?! Is that you!?" and Jennifer replied "Captain this is Black Snake, I read you." Kasler was relieved when he heard Jennifer's voice "Jesus Christ! You scared me to death. Are you all right." Jennifer replied smiling and used a sarcastic tone "Yeah. Just cheating death"

Kasler replied using a serious tone "That wasn't funny kid." and Jennifer kept talking with a mocking tone "I thought you were serious and tough. Besides, that was a fun ride on that capsule." Kasler said "Stay focused on your mission Black Snake. This is a high-risk operation, not a training exercise. You're in the middle of a war and you're an agent, not a recruit. Act like one."

Jennifer smiled and said "Understood." Kasler asked "Anyway, where are you?" and she replied "I managed to reach the docks. I'm in the cargo basement" but suddenly she heard people going to her position and said "Damn it." Kasler asked "What's going on?" and she replied "Looks like they found out about the capsule's explosion. I'll call you back when I'm done. Black Snake out."

Jennifer cut off the transmission and hid into the cargo shipments. She took her binoculars and spotted 5 men armed with G-36 assault carbines on alert who reached at the scene. Jennifer looked at them and prepared to engage them.

The guards split up to find Jennifer but she managed to hide by climbing up on a container. Then she saw one of them being a little bit nervous and she proceeded to take him out by choking him and killed them. The other four didn’t realize they lost one of them. Until Jennifer drew her GSR and shot one of them to the head. The guards fought back with crossfire.

One of them went to the corner of a container to see if Jennifer was hit but he found nothing. The man was scared and aimed his carbine to engage if necessary. Just as he was about to look at the corner, he was kicked in the face by Jennifer and he screamed in pain after Jennifer stabbed him in the neck. The other three ran to the scene only to see their comrade's dead body. One of the rest got scared and said "This isn't happening. Let's find that son of a bitch before he does!"

The three guards proceeded searching the area. One of them was behind the other two giving cover until he was ambushed by Jennifer. She grabbed him by his neck while the other two turned around when hearing his screaming moan. She used him as human shield while the other two of them were scared and one of them groaned "A woman? Let him go!"

Jennifer threatened them to kill their partner by saying "Drop your weapons!! I mean it, drop your weapons or this bastard gets it!"

The second man shot her, but Jennifer covered herself with the hostage rebel who received the bullet impact and killed him. Then she pushed the dead body against them and engaged them in a hand-to-hand combat. She applied her CQC abilities to engage the enemy.

They stood on guard to fight back but Jennifer had an evil smile on her face. The first guy tried to punch her but she blocked it and hit his throat hard breaking it and he started to spit blood from his mouth. He eventually fell dead and the other grabbed a knife trying to attack her with it, but she dodged his attempts to attack. Just as he tried to swing the knife against her, she blocked by picking him up from his arm. Then she broke it and used his broken arm to stab him in the neck killing him too. Then she headed to the tunnels which it leads to the culverts.

Once inside the tunnels, she saw a surveillance camera and then she gets on the wall to avoid the camera and get caught.

Five minutes later, she managed to reach one of them, opened it and went above the basement. She got out of the culvert to the surface. Afterwards she closed the culvert and drew her GSR handgun and her knife, but she realized she made through to the docks.

She saw the skies were in red because of the explosions the conflict left during the period of war. But then, she saw enemy sentries posted there for surveillance. Then she hid in the wall of a container and called Kasler to inform him about the situation "This is Black Snake, can you hear me?"

Kasler replied "Loud and clear. What's the situation over there?" and Jennifer replied "I’ve reached to the docks. But I think the Neo-Nazis will find out soon."

Kasler was kinda confused and asked "Why is that?" and Jennifer replied "The explosion, remember? Some guards went crazy when hearing it and got over here" Kasler then asked "What's their status?" and she replied "I had to send them to sleep with the fishes. There was no other way, but no one will know about my presence."

Kasler sighed and said "Well, it means you have reached outside the coast of Bremen. Remember, you’ve got to get inside the Command Center of the port. How about the security out there?"

Jennifer took her binoculars and watched the area. Then she said "Looks like is light, but I’m seeing three enemy sentries." Kasler:asked "Armed?" and she bit her lip and replied "Affirmative. They’re armed with MP-5s, grenades and Walther P-38 pistols each one. I can see them from here talking between them."

Kasler asked "Any military vehicle in the entrance?" and Jennifer replied "No sir. No vehicles in sight." Then she hid again and Kasler sighed "Okay, everything goes on schedule. However if they spot you, I.S.A.F. will not send any backup for you and your identity will be denied by the Germans so will we. Also, as long as we're in the ocean, we won't call you."

Jennifer raised an eyebrow when hearing the instruction and asked while concerned "Why’s that? Are you saying you will leave me here? Alone in Germany?" and Kasler tried calming her by saying "Not exactly. We’ll be out of this mission for few days. The German General Command sent this order to us. If your performance is good during this operation, they’ll let us to contact you again. Apparently they’re doing this as a test for you. An evaluation to verify if you’re effective or not. They don’t want another dead agent, according to them.

This process will last just few days." Jennifer wasn't that convinced and asked using a concerned tone "When is that going to end?" and Kasler replied without any concrete answer "We don't know that yet. That's not in our hands I'm afraid."

Jennifer shook her head and swore whispering "Aah, damn!" while Kasler tried to convince her "Calm down. You’re in this mission by your efforts. By your own performance and that’s why you were trained for. For a hot situation like this." and Jennifer pulled herself together "You're right. I shouldn't argue right now." Kasler said "Right. We’ll talk later but remember, follow the orders from the Bundeswehr officers. Just them, none others. Do you understand?" and she replied "Roger. Commencing operation. Black Snake out."

Jennifer cut off the transmission and started to take the guards out by just hitting them bare handed; one by one.

First, she saw one of them just walking around until she surprised him and she let him unconscious. The next guard she took was surprised too. He saw the other guard lied down on the ground and she punched him in the head. But the other one surprised Jennifer in the back. The Neo-Nazi soldier pointed his gun and shouted "Don’t move!" and she shook her head knowing she was in trouble and said "Damn it, I knew it." He pointed his MP-5 at her and shouted "Shut up and drop your gun!" Jennifer tried to confuse him and said "Are you sure you want me to do this"? He then pointed at her head and shouted louder "Shut up!"

She then groaned and said "Ok ok ok! I’ll do it."

Jennifer drew her gun and was going to give it to the enemy, but she knew how to handle the situation. On the moment when the guard was going to grab her pistol, she reacted fast by grabbing his hand and turning him to the other side. She held the guard by the back and choked him until let him unconscious.

After that, she looked for a place to hide and to get dressed. She took the Nazi uniform to disguise herself and look like one of them. When she was getting dressed, she was ambushed by a Neo-Nazi armed man. The enemy shouted "Nicht bewegen!" Jennifer kept her cool and turned to look at his face. She said with a seductive tone "Nazis, why you?" He replied in German again "Geschlossen!" Then she stared at him with seductive look and said whispering "I think you don’t have the guts to hit a woman. Do you?" and he groaned "I don’t care if you’re a girl. I will take you apart."

She walked backwards slowly and with her hands raised "You don’t really want to do that. Trust me." and the Neo-Nazi man approached her and said "Try me..."

She was half naked. The officer tried to touch her by grabbing her right arm but she attacked him by taking his gun off his hands using a CQC technique, then she punched him in the face and she grabbed him by the neck behind and broke it leaving him dead. Then she said "I told you so."

She finished getting dressed. Now she looked like a Nazi officer. She saw an ID in the pocket of the jacket. She left her original equipment in a hidden place of the facility where she gets disguised. She headed to the compound and saw two guards watching the entrance. One of them said "Halt, wer sind Sie? Sie nicht bestehen können (Stop, who are you? You can't pass)."

Note: As long as Jennifer is in Germany, everything will be interpreted as German using English.

Jennifer played fool and pretended to be Neo-Nazi and said "Hi, uumm. Sorry I wanna join in. Where should I go for recruitment?" and the Neo-Nazi asked "Who are you?"

Jennifer took the ID from the disguise and introduced herself "Oh sorry. I'm Patricia Metzelder and like I said, I'm new in the unit." The guard stared at her suspiciously and said "Hmm, I need to see your ID."

She showed it to him and the guard led her pass. Jennifer was inside the compound, but she needed to go to the Archive room. The whole base was protected a battalion of Neo-Nazi soldiers. She had to ask like she was one of them. In her way, a Neo-Nazi blonde female soldier approached to talk to her. She had blonde long hair, blue eyes and she was 5' 10. She looked at her and asked "Are you new, private?"

She was nervous "umm, what?" and the NN girl asked again "Ja. Are you new? I never saw you in this division until today." Jennifer didn't know what to say and the blonde girl looked at her suspiciously. Then, she said the last thing that crossed her mind "Yes, I am. I came from Düsseldorf to join my comrades." and the other girl raised an eyebrow and said "Really? I'm from Düsseldorf too." Jennifer was getting tired of pretending but she had to hang on "Is that right?" and the NN girl replied "Yes. I’m from the center of the city. Where part exactly you are from Düsseldorf?" Jennifer wanted to leave and she was impatient biting her lower lip, then she replied "I’m from... the south." and the blonde girl continued chatting "Oh, so you’re nearby Unterbilk."

Jennifer said "Yes. Why?" and the blonde girl said with a smile on her face"I’m just asking." Suddenly, she asked Jennifer "What do you think about Non-Aryans?"

She didn't know what to say and she suddenly said "Well... I think they’re fool." And the NN female replied with an evil look on her face "They’re more than that. They’re big pieces of shit. We should annihilate the Jews and everyone who’s not Aryan." Then she put her hand on Jennifer's shoulder and smiled "You agree with me, don’t you?" Jennifer replied while nervous "Umm... yeah."

The NN female happily said "That’s great. Maybe we can be friends." and she raised an eyebrow, then she had to say "Yeah. I guess so."

The blonde smiled "Good." Jennifer looked at her and winked without being serious then the girl asked raising an eyebrow "By the way, what’s your name?" and she replied "Patricia Metzelder. And you are…" and the girl replied while shaking both girls' hands "I’m Jutta Hansen. First class decoder. Also, I’m in charge of the Archive room in this military base."

Jennifer raised an eyebrow when hearing that "You said Archive room?" and Hansen replied "Yes. Do you want to go and see what we’ve got? Maybe I will contact an Officer from Intelligence Service to sign you there eventually." and she had to pretend she was glad and replied with a fake smile "Yes, I would love to." Hansen replied with joy "That’s great. Follow me." but suddenly, an officer arrived where Hansen and Jennifer were. He was rushed and said "Hansen, we need you in the bunker. Intelligence says they've got something about an attack against this base."

Hansen raised and eyebrow and had to attend that. She replied "What? Okay, I’ll go right away. Sorry Metzelder, we’ll talk later." Jennifer replied relieved "Oh, no problem."

Hansen said before leaving "If you want to locate me, the office is in the second floor of the building. Nearby the Computers room." Jennifer smiled due to the revealed location given to her "Second floor. Got it." Hansen said "Ok. See you later." and Jennifer replied "You too."

Jennifer straight ahead to the building to find the Archive Room's location. She entered to the building and she was shocked due to the number of Neo-Nazi officers working there, resembling one during World War II. Then she saw the map of the building and she headed to the archive room. After that, she saw a folder with some documents, she checked it and realized those were part of the documents she needed. There was no doubt it.

Then, she saw a man walking the opposite direction next to her. She asked him with a serious look "Excuse me, where’s the computer room?" and he replied "In the second floor. Take the elevator." and she said "Dankeschön."

She took the elevator to the second floor of the command building of the base. She entered to the office and there was no sign of an officer. When she entered, she received a call from an unknown agent. Apparently he wasn’t using burst transmission.

He said "So, you reached the Archive room." She raised an eyebrow and asked "Who is this?"

He said "You must be Jennifer Patterson, right? and she got shocked and whispered "What!? Who is this and how do you know my name?"

He said "Listen, I know you’re dressed like one of them. I’m monitoring you via satellite. I have your equipment."

Her shocked face turned into a stoned one "What the hell!?" and the unknown man said "Don’t worry. I’ll give it back to you after completing your mission."

She shook her head while hearing that and continued "Now listen to me; we need documents about attack plans, archives about Neo-Nazi bases locations and the IDs of leaders who started this revolution. If you recover more documents than those, the better." She got upset while hearing that and whispered "First of all, who the hell are you... ?" but he interrupted and replied seriously "You don’t have much time. After you recover the documents, plant explosive charges all over the building, especially in important places. Add 15 minutes for detonation to the timers but DO NOT active them. After that, contact me, confirm you planted the explosives in place and get out of there fast as you can. The military is going to strike them up."

Jennifer said in shocking and loud whispering "Is the German Military here!? Is the Heer already here!?" He said "Complete the mission and get out." and she whispered concerned and angry "Wait! Damn"

The agent cut out the transmission without revealing his identity. But she received order about the documents she needed to recover. She started to search for all over the place. After twenty minutes of searching, she found the locker which contained the most important files of all. She took more of the required files as a parameter. Then she closed the locker but she heard an officer coming.

She had no choice but to hide under the desk of the office. The officer entered and saw that everything was clear. He sat down to rest a little while.

She had to for a few minutes. The officer stood up for having a drink but she decided to take him out and get out of the office fast. After that, she went to the armory which was located in the 1st floor basement of the building. She took more of 20 explosive charges and kept all in a bag. She went to different places fast, planting an explosive charge at the armory, another in the command post, another in the computer room, in the communication center, in the uniform factory, the ammunition factory, the electric substation, one in the command center and one in the missile room. She took almost an to put the explosives in place.

After that, she called the unknown agent to confirm she planted the explosives on many places of the base. She took cover by crouching and said "This is Black Snake, do you read me?"

The unknown man "I read you. Are the explosives in place?" and she sighed "Yes, they’re all planted."

He asked "Are the timers set up?" and she said "Yes, but they’re not activated as you ordered." He said with satisfaction "Good work."

She sighed and said with serious tone "Ok, now tell me who are you?" and he just said "I’ll tell you later."

She shook her head while hearing and he gave her an order "Now activate the bombs."

She grabbed the explosives detonator and pushed the button activating all the charges. She said "Done." and he then said sounded ready "Good. Now forget the Neo-Nazis and get out of there fast. We’ll meet in the docks." Jennifer tried to say something "But... Damn it. Not again."

The man cut off the transmission once again. She shook her head and took a deep breath before getting on the move.

She got out of the last facility she was placing the explosives. She had a nervous look on her face and until she saw the Neo-Nazis waiting for battle. Running and giving alert signs, many of them went to get armed. Then, an alert warning was given through the intercoms around the whole compound "Attention all units! We have an intruder inside the base. Patrol units reported dead guards in the docks. Red Alert, level 7. Commence to start looking in the list of personnel who joined this base the last 24 hours. Check every place; Complexes, facilities, rooms, training fields, everywhere of the base no matter what. Prepare all units for alert formations and engage the enemy if necessary.

I repeat; we have an intruder in Bremen!"

Jennifer heard the warning alert and she looked all around the base watching the enemy getting ready and running like loose animals, but she was found by a Lieutenant and he recruited her into a team and had no choice but to join them. To not get caught.

She was taken to the armory to pick a gun and join the Neo-Nazis.

On the formation phase, she teamed up with Jutta Hansen, the girl she met at the entrance. Hansen shouted "Metzelder, over here!" and Jennifer said "Hansen." but she then mumbled with a sarcastic tone "Oh my, here she comes. This is gonna be fun."

Hansen approached her and said excited "It’s exciting, don’t you think gal?" and Jennifer, pretending again said "I think so." Hansen could notice Jennifer's voice tone and asked "You think so? What’s wrong, are you alright?"

She replied using an evasive tone at her "Umm, it's nothing. You know, I think this situation would become ugly."

Hansen raised her arm and put it on Jennifer's shoulder trying to pull her together and said "Oh, don’t worry. I have ten years of experience. During the time I’ve trained and travelled around the world I gained a high rank in Close Quarters Combat and I’m a great sniper, you know.

Jennifer blinked and close her eyes for two seconds while hearing that and "Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did you say Close Quarters Combat? and Hansen replied "And sniping combat."

Jennifer raised an eyebrow "Really?" and the Neo-Nazi long-haired blonde drew a pistol from her holster, looked at Jennifer's blue eyes and said "Of course. And I will use my skills to protect you, no matter what happen."

Although Hansen wanted to be a friend of Jennifer, Jennifer didn't want to. However, she had to pretend she was on Hansen's side and said with a fake smile on her face "Thanks." Hansen smiled "You welcome."

Jennifer and Hansen went to a hangar, but then she had a doubt. She said "Wait a second. There's something I don't quite get." and Hansen said "What?" Jennifer was curious and said "You said you are a First class decoder. And now you said you’re a sniper and an expert in Close Quarters Combat too."

Hansen smiled and said "Oh I get it. Well, I went to the United Kingdom when I was 18. I met the man who trained me in there and he taught me how to use guns, how to fight, how to decode, everything."

Jennifer put a hand on her hip and said "I see. Just like me." and Hansen raised an eyebrow "Excuse me?" Jennifer replied "Nothing. Umm, and what happened to them?" and Hansen said "We had disagreements about my beliefs when they found out I was what I am. So I turned my back on them and I left. And thanks to their teachings, I’ve killed many people as I could."

Jennifer was burning in rage and anger in her inside but stayed cool while Hansen was still talking in joy "I wanted to someday use my abilities to serve and protect my race from our enemies; Niggers, Muslims, etcetera. What I always wanted to do is to use my abilities to kill everyone who’s not Aryan. The whole world is weak. They're nothing more than worthless and useless people. We, on the other hand are the future and we live in this world to get the poison out of the people." and she suddenly turned to see the red sky and said while Jennifer was behind "Do you wanna know what's thing I regret the most?" Jennifer replied with a serious look on her face "What?" and Hansen groaned "I didn't kill the bastards, although I'll never forget their names; George Kasler and Kazuhira Miller."

Jennifer's serious look turned into a stoned one and closed her fists. She kept her cool but she was burning in rage more than a few minutes earlier and stared at her. Then Hansen said "Yeah. I never knew what happened to them after our feud. I hope they’re dead for good." Jennifer was angry and grinded her teeth but she had to stay focused and leave her rage behind.

Then Hansen looked at her and asked "What's the matter?" and Jennifer shook her head "Nothing. Let's go, shall we?"

They left the hangar and Jennifer looked at the detonator's timer. She raised an eyebrow when she saw the timer marked five minutes for detonation. She knew she had to figure something to escape from the compound. Both girls returned to the center and reported to superior officers they didn’t found a sign of the intruder. But of course, they had the intruder on their faces. Hansen said "No signs of the intruder." and the officer replied using a concerned tone "Keep searching."

Hansen said "Yes sir. Come on Metzelder." During the first steps they made, Jennifer stopped and said in a desperate tone "This isn't a good idea. We should split don't you think? I'm going to the docks." and Hansen replied "I'm going with you." Jennifer denied Hansen's company "No way."

Hansen raised an eyebrow and asked while using a concerned tone "Why not?" and Jennifer turned to look at her and replied with a serious tone this time "Because there are other places to be searched."

Then Hansen said while worried about Jennifer still think she was on her side "Yes, but I want to go with you. I don’t want another dead comrade."

Jennifer said while pretending "Look Jutta, I appreciate you for your concerns to me, but if I want to grow up as a soldier, I need to do things by myself."

Hansen's face expressed sadness and suspicions towards Jennifer and then...

The detonations happened. The explosions were powerful enough to destroy an entire city with all its people. Hansen couldn't believe what she was seeing. The armory burning in flames, the Command Center's building going down, the dining halls blowing up, the boilers building smashed like a giant hammer hitting it, and many of her comrades squirming in flames, lied down injured or dead.

She closed her fists and shouted so loud that it was heard all around the base.

After that, units of the German Military entered in action and started to fight against the Neo-Nazis. Jennifer knew she had to escape, but also knew that it will be more difficult than before because the German Army won’t know who’s the operative that helped them to sabotage the enemy's facility. Jennifer ran and evaded the bullet ravages from the German Army personnel, but she was followed by Hansen who was fighting back.

It was raining bullets all over the place and explosions everywhere like a lot of balloons blowing up all around. Hansen opened fire against soldiers of the Heer and killed some of them. Hansen was angry and happy at same time because of the action she wanted to have and the adrenaline she wanted to feel. And also to avenge her fallen comrades.

She was fighting them back like a wild beast loose and laughed like a maniac while shouting "Hahahaha!!! You should run sons of bitches! You should join us. Not fighting us!!!!

Jennifer took cover on a wrecked wall while looking at Hansen with anger. Hansen shouted "Metzelder, don't just stay there and help me with these bastards!!! and Jennifer lied to her by saying "My gun's jammed!" and Hansen gave Jennifer her pistol and shouted "Here. Now shoot them!!"

She had to shoot them but she was shooting at somewhere else on purpose to avoid hitting any Heer soldier.Meanwhile Hansen was killing soldiers as many as she could. Like a crazy animal.

Hansen grabbed Jennifer by her arm and took her while shooting at her enemies. They ran to the warehouses to stay safe from the bullet rain. Suddenly, Hansen got angered with Jennifer and yelled at her "You missed all shots!" while Jennifer replied pretended to feel guilty and looked at her with a fake-sad face. She replied "I’m a rookie, I’m sorry."

Hansen calmed down and said "Okay. Let's keep going" and Jennifer pretended being concerned and said "I think we should stop." and Hansen said "Don’t say that..." Suddenly, Hansen saw a Heer soldier pointing his assault rifle at Jennifer and she shouted "Careful!!!!!" Then she knocked Jennifer down and shot at the soldier's head before he could even fire a single shot.

Hansen gave her hand to a serious Jennifer staring at her eyes. Jennifer took Hansen's hand after all, helping her to stand up. Then another Heer soldier fired a missile with a launcher, but they managed to evade the missile. Hansen saw a culvert which lead to an exit of the base passing through an underground tunnel, so they opened the culvert and went under to the tunnel.

After going down by the ladder, Hansen said with relief "Finally. We're safe" but Jennifer nodded with annoyance "Yeah. For now." After hearing Jennifer's tone, Hansen argued with her about the situation. An upset Hansen complained to her "What's wrong, Metzelder? It seems like you don’t like me. Every question I ask you, you respond nervous or using an annoyed tone. What I’ve done to you to deserve that kind of hostile attitude?" Jennifer replied "It is because of you and your way of thinking. I don’t like your ideologies against everyone." Hansen put her left hand on the hip and said "Oh C’mon, you’re a Neo-Nazi too" while Jennifer said nothing and stared at her with an annoyed look.

Hansen shook her head and yelled "Metzelder, this what we are fighting for. For our Aryan race!" then Jennifer half smiled before getting serious "No, I'm not."

Hansen turned and hit the tube wall with anger, then she turned her face on Jennifer and said "Come on. You sound like an idiot."

Jennifer got annoyed and Hansen kept complaining "You’re not gonna tell me you’re going to defend the others and everyone who’s not Aryan. You sound like those two idiots who trained me." and Jennifer, with a very serious look, drew her GSR pistol. Hansen raised an eyebrow "What are you doing?" and Jennifer pointed it to Hansen "It's over Hansen. Surrender."

Hansen was shocked and nodded "Scheize... you were the intruder this whole time!"

Jennifer said with a serious tone "I never wanted to join you. Aryan race, what the hell is that? Everyone should live the way they want, with love and respect. Live and let live." then Jennifer said something that shocked Hansen even more "Captain Kasler's a good person, the opposite of what you really are. A sick and twisted human being." and Hansen, after hearing Jennifer's revelation had an evil smile on her face and said "Huh? Hmm. I see. So you’re the new apprentice of Kasler and Miller." Jennifer smiled too and nodded "Kasler's only, honey. I never met Miller."

Jennifer sighed and said with serious tone "Hansen, don’t do this." but the Neo-Nazi blonde closed her fists and looked at her with anger and said "This became a personal feud. Metzelder, you’re not going to get out alive."

Jennifer asked Hansen once again "Please, I'm warning you. I don't really want do to this." and Hansen laughed and said using a mocking tone "You’re warning me? Hah, I have more experience than you. I’ll kill you in few minutes. Or seconds, better said."

Jennifer shook her head and said "You looked for this. Ok, then I have no choice but to teach you a lesson for underestimating me." and Hansen nodded while having an evil smile "We'll see it."

Jennifer put the gun in her holster and put herself on guard to fight Hansen so she did that as well. Hansen attacked Jennifer first, but she stopped her attacks easily, showing good performance in CQC. Jennifer just stopped her attacks and commenced to attack Hansen. She punched Hansen in the face and stay focused.

Hansen was little bit tired and with pain, but she respected her for her movements

Hansen cleaned the blood coming out from her mouth and smiled "Not bad. I admit you have good movements, but this is just the beginning. As I told you, I was trained by Kasler just like you. But we’ll see whose best in CQC." After hearing that, Jennifer put her guard up and looked at her while focused.

Hansen put on guard, ran towards Jennifer and commenced to attack again and she performed more agile and faster techniques, but Jennifer stopped the attacks without any problems. Hansen couldn’t believe it and attacked with anger losing control and sanity. Jennifer received few kicks, but she responded to Hansen with CQC movements combining them with Judo techniques at the same time. Jennifer knew lots of martial arts types thanks to Kasler. Something Hansen didn’t.

Hansen was tired and out of consciousness so Jennifer grabbed her body and knocked her down. Hansen was out of action. Jennifer looked at her with a serious look, shook her head and nodded "I feel petty for you. Such skills wasted on wrong purposes." Jennifer took Hansen’s weapons, after that, she left her and headed to find an exit route.

She was hearing the shots and explosions from outside the base, but passing the distance she was walking, the sound was disappearing and everything was getting darker until she reached a huge chamber which was an underground substation. Jennifer was concerned due to the dangers she could encountered. She saw a lot of pipes which were of electricity, water, gas and other toxic substances, but then she heard some kind of metallic footsteps getting closer. She took cover and picked her gun to fire at will if necessary. Apparently the subject, who was walking actually knew that she was coming and started laughing maniacally "Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!" and Jennifer stayed where she was while scared at little.

Then, the man shouted as a threat sign "I knew you were coming! You won’t get out of here alive!" and Jennifer whispered while worried "What the hell is going on here!?" Suddenly, she peeked from the wall and saw him wearing an armored suit having a flamethrower on his hands and a German-made FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher on his back. Then, the armored crazy man shouted in anger "First of all... I'll burn you out!!!" and started to spread fire all over the place like a wacko. He laughed louder than before and Jennifer ran to another corner to stay away from the fire rain. She hid over a wall and started feeling the adrenaline inside her body. She breathed fast cause of the fear of dying, but then, her scared look turned into a serious one so she pulled herself together, closed her eyes and took a deep breath while the Neo-Nazi bulldozer was still searching to find and kill her. Then he laughed and whispered "Hahahaha!!!!!! Where are you? I can smell you near."

She saw the fire getting closer towards her, so she went to hide in other place sneaking.

She reached to a walkway which the subject was crossing so she went to a wall behind him and shot him in the head but it was useless because he was a wearing an armored helmet:

Jennifer nodded "Damn it." and the armored man went crazy and shouted "You idiot! Aaaaagh!!" Jennifer ran to another corner to hide while he spread fire all over the place once again. Then the man caught her and she knew when she saw his dark figure. She had a shocked face, both eyes wide open and mouth open and the crazy armored guy decided to use this time the missile launcher but Jennifer fell down by accident while trying to take cover and luckily dodged the missile for a few inches. That avoided to get contact with her body and blow up in million pieces. She got up quickly and hid over a wall.

The armored man said in a loud tone "You see, I have been looking for a good match for a long, long time, but I never imagined my best duel ever I’d been confronted by a woman."

Jennifer picked the G-36 she took from Hansen and reloaded it. Then he continued talking loud "Let me introduce myself to you. I’m Feuerwolf and I burn everyone who challenges me. You’ll become to ashes for entering to my lair." and Jennifer raised an eyebrow and replied using a loud tone as well "Feuerwolf? Hmm... okay, Fire wolf. You’ll have the fiercest duel of your life. I guarantee you that."

Then he got shocked and angered more than ever "What? That accent! You're American?!!! Aaaagh!!!!! Americans make me sick!!!!!! Aaaaaagh!!!!!!!"

Jennifer didn't like his tone and sneaked to another place and she ran when shouted "Time to die!!!!!"

Feuerwolf wanted to eliminate Jennifer so bad because of her nationality. No matter what it takes or what it costs. He started to attack her with the missile launcher he had. Jennifer knew that she wouldn’t get out of the base without a fight. She got serious and fought back

She sneaked and found him in the middle corridor of the chamber and shot him with her assault rifle in the torso and obviously didn’t work. Feuerwolf just laughed of her shots. As a counter strike, he shot a lot of Stinger missiles everywhere. He just provoked part of the structures of the chamber started to fall to the ground.

After that, he found Jennifer and shouted "I got you!". She had a shocked look on her face and whispered "Damn!" and closed her eyes thinking everything was lost for her but when he tried to shoot with the missile launcher, he found out he shot all the missiles he had and shouted "What the hell!!? Shit!" and Jennifer aimed at him shouting "Take this" and shot him until getting empty just to buy more time and go to another place to hide. The shots made him fall down and he got up and shouted "Aagh!! Fuck!!!". Feuerwolf dropped the Stinger launcher and now he was going to use his flamethrower. He threw flames all over the place to make sure of burning her. He caught her once again and shouted "Taste the Aryan flames!!!"

Jennifer ran and hid somewhere while he threw flames once more. She thought she was lost, and started to think about how to beat a guy who was protected by a powerful armor. She was worried and whispered "Damn it! How can I beat him? He's undefeatable." then Feuerwolf shouted "You won't escape, Darling! Not from me!!"

Jennifer yelled at herself while whispering "God damn it. How!?" and Feuerwolf was getting closer and shouted "Where are you Yankee girl? I can smell you near!" She got desperate and scared and whispered "Oh my god. If I don’t do something now, I’ll be burned corpse. Come on Jennifer. Think!" but then, she figure something useful and efficient to eliminate Feuerwolf.

She peeked from a corner and saw Feuerwolf getting close to her. Then she put her hand in her hip, but then, she touched a grenade on her hip by accident. Jennifer raised an eyebrow and snapped her fingers "That’s it! The hand grenades. If I throw grenades at him at the right time, maybe I’ll get a chance to beat him. But where can I aim them at him?"

She peeked again and saw Feuerwolf getting closer, searching until he turned and led her see his oxyacetylene tank. Then she raised her eyebrows and knew that was his weak point. She whispered relieved and with joy "Yes! The oxyacetylene tank! All right. I’ll give it a try. If not, then I’ll die for nothing.

She grabbed a grenade then she stood up decided to finish it once and for all, took the grenade's safety off and counted "One. Two. Three!!" to finally throw it towards Feuerwolf sideways and exploded when he turned his face to look at it, causing burning wounds around his body and pierced the oxyacetylene tank.

He was screaming in pain because of the grenade's detonation that hit him and shouted "Aaaaaaaaagh!!!!! It hurts so bad!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!" and Jennifer, shocked nodded "It worked. It really worked!" Then he shouted while trying to stay on his feet "BITCH!!!! You'll pay!!!!" but couldn't. She whispered with a serious and decided tone "This is my last chance Let's do this!"

Jennifer showed herself. She looked at him with a serious face and he shouted "Neeeeein!!!! She picked her G-36, aimed at Feuerwolf's pierced tank while staying away a few inches from him and shot at it without hesitating causing a huge blast. Feuerwolf was finally defeated. However, trouble hadn't ended. The explosion provoked shots of many explosive projectiles from Feuerwolf and those projectiles hit the gas pipelines causing a bigger explosion which force expanded from the chamber to the outside and caused a massive shockwave over the base area. The underground chamber was falling apart and Jennifer ran away. There was a door which was an exit door. Through the door, there was another tunnel which was straight ahead to an exit to the surface of the docks so Jennifer ran fast as she could and the place was finally destroyed. She managed to do a tiger roll and fortunately she survived. She got up while feeling pain after getting hurt a little. She entered to the next tunnel before the entrance to the tunnel got nailed and destroyed. Meanwhile at the outside, the explosion caused more blasts, even harder which affected the Neo-Nazi base along with their soldiers, defeating them and the German Allied forces took the victory over them.

Jennifer was going straight the tunnel until she saw a ladder which lead to the docks. So she opened the culvert and went to the surface.

After getting out from the tunnels, she sneaked and took cover a wall to see what was going on after blasts. Jennifer saw the German Military taking Neo-Nazis survivors as prisoners, but she knew if they see her, they could confuse her as a Neo-Nazi soldier and capture or even kill her without mercy, so she sneaked out and reached to the small place where she got disguised as a Neo-Nazi soldier without being seen. But she wasn’t sure if the place was safe so she drew her rifle and starts to verify if there was someone inside.

Apparently was safe but then, an armed man ambushed her behind pointing his gun at her back and groaned "Freeze!". Jennifer got shocked and couldn’t do anything but groaning "!!!" She was raising her hands slowly and tried to trick him while trying to draw her GSR but the man wasn't like the others; focused and careful and got a little bit closer to her while aiming the gun to her head this time and nodded "Ah ah ah. Drop it or you'll regret it." She shook her head, half smiled and groaned "Damn!"

She tossed the gun and he got closer to her. Then he said "So you really made it huh." Jennifer got confused when she heard that. Then he took on the safety of his pistol. He said "The only thing you lost was your Neo-Nazi disguise. I never thought a woman could do all this."

She raised an eyebrow and asked "What are you talking about? Can I turn around?" and the man replied "Yes." She turned and saw the man and she realized while raising an eyebrow he wasn’t an enemy soldier. On the contrary, his outfit was conservative. Like a secret service agent. She said "Your outfit. You don’t look like one of them." and he nodded "Exactly, Fräulein Patterson."

Jennifer raised her eyebrows and asked "Wha...?" How do you know my name?" and he calmed her by saying "Easy. I work for the German government."

Jennifer immediately figured it out, then shrugged and nodded "I see. So you’re the agent, right? The man who called me when I was in the Archive room." He snapped his fingers and nodded "Ah, you're smart.Sorry for not introducing myself in an appropriate way."

He spread his hand and said "My name is Friedrich Weinmann. I work for the German Reconnaissance Strategic Agency; from the Bundeswehr."

She shrugged and nodded "Hmm, I see. Sounds important huh, and even more knowing you work for the Bundeswehr."

Then he said "I was acknowledged you were sent here to recover some documents." and she replied "That’s correct."

He was glad to hear it, spread his hand and said "Show them to me." and Jennifer's interested look turned into a serious one and shook her head "No." Confused, Weinmann asked "Why not?" and she replied "First, give me my gear back."

He raised his eyebrows and asked "Is that a condition?" and she replied using serious tone and spreading her left hand "No. That’s a request. I’ll give you the documents, after you gave me my gear back." Then she put her hands on the hip and nodded "You said you’ll return it to me when I meet you here. Sorry, but the fact that I’m new in the field doesn’t mean I’m stupid."

Weinmann asked with a smile "Is that right?" and Jennifer replied while serious "Yes. Now, would you give back my suit and gear please? Or do you want me to go out naked?"

Weinmann nodded "A tough girl. I like that from a woman. All right." and gave back her gear.

Jennifer, still distrusted about him asked "Is anything complete?" and Weinmann without any problem "Check it if you want to."

Jennifer checked it, every single piece of her equipment. She said "Looks like everything's fine. There's nothing missing." and Weinmann nodded "I told you so."

Then she said while still showing her half-nude body "I’m gonna change my outfit if you don’t mind, ok?" and he said "Yes, you better do that. That Nazi outfit is almost turned into ashes and it may cause you some trouble with our guys. Make it quick. We have to deliver this to the Headquarters"

Jennifer was going to change clothes but Agent Weinmann was watching so she felt uncomfortable and asked "Do you see anything you like?" and Weinmann said while watching her fit body "What?"

Jennifer blushed and she sighed while uncomfortable "Agh. Turn around please! Do you like to see me naked?" and he said "Sorry."

She took a while to put on her original outfit. He said "That’s more like it." She had a little smile on her face. Weinmann on the other hand said "Let’s get out of here shall we?"

Weinmann and Jennifer went outside. He said "I thought you were dead. How did you manage to escape during the strike? You didn’t get out in the right time so I thought you were killed. I’m still surprised you made it." and she sighed "You have no idea". They continued walking and he asked while amazed "How could you evade our military? and she smiled "I had to run and dodge the bullets. It wasn’t easy." Then she changed her face into a serious one while saying "Besides, a Neo-Nazi girl covered me. She was nuts."

He asked "Why is that?" and she replied "She killed innocent people just because they weren’t Aryans. That’s an act of cruelty and lunacy. She also killed some of your soldiers today."

Then he asked "Where is she?" and she replied "I think she's dead. We fought inside the underground tunnel. Weinmann asked raising his eyebrow "Underground tunnel?" and she replied "Yes, but there was something more. When I was searching a way to escape from the base, I fought a soldier who wasn’t normal. He called himself as Feuerwolf and he had a flamethrower and Stinger missile launcher.

Weinmann said while serious "Feuerwolf? A codename." then Jennifer asked "You think he was part of a special organization?"

He said "Probably." and she asked "Can you check it?" and he replied "Yes. We'll do. Where is he now?"

She nodded "He’s dead. I had to face him and apparently he died during an explosion." When hearing that, he nodded "So that was. The explosion. You caused it."

Jennifer raised her eyebrows and asked "What it has to do with that?"

Weinmann said "The explosion you caused let our military forces the victory over them. On top of that, the explosion affected everything in this area. The whole base itself. The structures of the building, the training field, the hangars, even the bathrooms are completely destroyed. Look every place and you’ll find out."

Jennifer walked through the whole base. She had a shocked look on her face with her hand covering her mouth and watching every single place turned into ashes and wrecked by the C4s' charges blasts and the underground tunnel's. She nodded "Oh my god. Did I do all this?" and he said with mocking tone "Unbelievable isn’t it? You thought the blast affected the underground area only, right?"

Jennifer nodded "Yes. I agree the explosion was rough. I know the explosion was big, really big because I felt a tremendous tectonic force, like an earthquake. But I never imagined the explosion reached an immense scale of destruction. I didn’t expect that would affect everywhere in this base.

I just can’t believe this."

Weinmann said "Well, you just did it. Start to believe it. This is war."

She was watching the German Army taking the enemy survivors as prisoners and securing the base. Jennifer had a shocked face and immediately knew that what she did was a great loss for the Neo-Nazis. She couldn’t believe the disaster she caused to the enemy."

Weinmann looked at her and mocked "Your face" while Jennifer was serious and asked "Is everyone all right?" Weinmann nodded "I see why are you worried"

Jennifer said "Yes. I get always worried about the people that I’m working with."

Weinmann looked at her and nodded "No need to worry. Everything's under control now.

Jennifer smiled and Weinmann said "All right. Well, if you excuse me, I will go to check the documents with, ok?" She said "No problem. Go ahead" and he said "Good. I will be right next to the tank so if you need something, call me."

She nodded "All right."

Jennifer stayed in there while many soldiers were staring at her. Especially a soldier that had a serious look, but she turned and looked at him and the soldier was kind of scared. Agent Weinmann verified the documents of Neo-Nazis. Then Jennifer saw him shocked and apparently gave an order. Then, the Bundeswehr Colonel gave the order to regroup and take the prisoners to be taken to the Army's. Jennifer didn't understand what was happening and then, a Bundeswehr soldier approached her with a serious look on his face. He said "Fräulein, time to go." and she was kinda concerned and asked "What's the matter?" and he said "Just go with Weinmann. We have to leave." She went to look for Weinmann. She found him and saw him very surprised of the content they had. He found mission plans, weapons on enemy’s control and locations of other bases along with records of high officers from different command centers of the Neo-Nazi army and confidential information. Weinmann said "Come here and watch this." and Jennifer asked while concerned "What’s going on?"

Weinmann was serious and kinda shocked and said "We found locations of other places. If you see this, look the list of members from other battalions. Along with their ranks. Fritz?" and Officer Fritz nodded "Yes. Look at this. They have bunkers, complexes, storage facilities and many other main stations around the east area of the country."

Jennifer with a serious look on her face nodded "Wow. This isn't what I expected." Fritz said "Look. A list of captured soldiers from our units."

Weinmann raised his eyebrows and said "What? Let me see that." Officer Fritz nodded "It contains a considering number of lost agents."

Weinmann got serious and nodded "Yes. We have to analyze these documents very well. And Fräulein Patterson, I don’t understand how did you manage to recover all this information, but this is invaluable. With all this, we have a great advantage over them. Prepare for your next mission. You did a great job."

Jennifer said "Thank you. But now, what’s the next move?" then Weinmann said "We have to leave this place and head right now to the International Airport in Berlin. There are high officers from the Army, agents from German Intelligence, Secret Service and other agents from the government waiting for us to deliver the documents to them."

Jennifer asked "And what about this base?"

Weinmann said "The base is under our control now. Don’t worry about it. We’ll take it as one of our stations from now on."

Jennifer said "Ok. Let's go" but then, he stopped Jennifer and said "But first, you have to get dress formally."

She raised her eyebrow "Hmm?" and he nodded "Yes. As you can see, there are formal people from the government that want to meet you in the Airport. So we will introduce you to them."

Jennifer raised her eyebrow and said "But I don’t have any formal suit right now."

He smiled "Don’t worry. We have a one for you. Go get dressed."

She said "All right."

She went to bulding to get dressed once again and she returned in a couple of minutes. She put on a black military officer uniform. She wore a fancy black military officer uniform from the Bundeswehr. Then she went out and then Weinmann said "Fritz" and Fritz said "Yes sir?"

Weinmann ordered "I need twenty men for escorts. Reunite twenty voluntaries for the job. We’re going to the airport."

He replied and saluted "Yes sir. Right away."

Weinmann turned and looked at Jennifer and nodded "Are you ready?"

She replied while enthusiastic "Yes sir."

Jennifer, Agent Weinmann and the twenty voluntaries of the Army headed right away to the Berlin International Airport in a convoy. It was formed by 6 military trucks, 5 SUVs for military personnel and a UH-60 Black Hawk chopper, where Jennifer, Weinmann and two soldier were in. According to Weinmann, there were important people from the Army, Secret Service and the government waiting for them.

He started explaining everything to Jennifer "Ok, I will explain you the situation. During the last days, the situation became extreme and out of our hands for a while."

Jennifer asked "Did your government ask for help before?" and Weinmann replied "No. They were just waiting and waiting and waiting. Until it got more complicated."

Jennifer nodded "Schweinsteiger went to the U.N." and Weinmann said "Exactly. Recently. But during the last two years, rebel people started to invade the streets of Germany and attacking people and we thought they were just protestants. But they were something bigger. Months later, we knew months they were a rising Army of Aryans. With time, the crisis grew reaching a level we couldn’t control."

Then he turned at the window of the chopper and said with a serious voice tone "The Prime Minister began a war against them. We thought it would be easy because the first months of the war we took control over them, but last year they began using weapons we never expected from them to use before. We couldn’t stand against them. We tried the best we could during the last six months but the situation is out of control nowadays. It’s been four years of nightmare and destruction."

Jennifer asked "And why Germany didn’t request for help before? Why the world didn’t know about this earlier? Germany had could have requested for help and stop the conflict without any problems." and Weinmann replied "Because he decided this was an owning situation that Germany should solve for itself. You know, Schweinsteiger doesn’t like the U.N. and he thought this crisis could be solved in short time."

Jennifer shook her head and Weinmann nodded "That’s why we convinced the Prime Minister to travel to New York to request help."

Jennifer asked "What are the Nazis' objectives?" and he replied "We think they want to re-establish the two German republics. We had battles against them to not allow doing that and bringing the old times back."

Jennifer raised her eyebrow and nodded "A Berlin Wall replicate" and he said "Yes."

Then Jennifer asked "And why did he decide to request an inexperienced agent on your side to help you controlling the situation?" and Weinmann looked at her and said "Because he requested help before this to other countries in secret. He requested experienced agents. The best of the best. But they were killed or missing in action."

Jennifer shook her head again and nodded "So he requested a rookie operative to see if it works, am I right?"

Weinmann said "Looks like it. I still think it wasn’t a good idea." Jennifer then nodded while concerned " Me too. It’s kinda crazy and tough."

Then Weinmann nodded "We have no choice now but to continue with this." and Jennifer half-smiled.

A few seconds later, he asked her "By the way, any guy?" and Jennifer raised an eyebrow "Pardon me?" and Weinmann nodded "Yeah, you know. A boyfriend" She blushed and half-smiled "Ah. No, umm... I have no time for a boyfriend right now. And you?"

He said with a serious tone "Well, I have a wife and a daughter and I’m very proud of them." Then he showed a picture of his family to her. She look at it and he nodded "That’s what I’m fighting for. For my family’s security."

She smirked when hearing that, but then she lowed her head and got saddened. He raised an eyebrow and asked "What is it? Are you okay?" She replied using a depressive tone "Yes. It’s just about what you said. Protecting your family. I know what it’s like to love someone. Your parents, friends, family, everything."

Then the chopper pilot said "Sir, we're reaching Ground Zero" Weinmann got serious and went to look at the ground from the window." and Jennifer got confused and asked "What's the matter?" and one of the soldiers gave her a pair of binoculars and nodded "Take a look" Jennifer open the door while the helicopter was flying over the area. She took a look with the binoculars and she got shocked about what she saw, corpses surrounding everywhere, from civilians to soldiers. Even dead children were there. She groaned "Oh no. This can't be." and she got angry and saddened at the same time. Weinmann was concerned about her and asked "What is it?" and she said while angry "Dead... children. Damn it!" and he nodded "I know." Then Weinmann saw tears coming out from her eyes and asked "Are you all right Fräulein Patterson?" and she nodded saddened and depressed "I don’t like to see dead people. Especially, the children. Why innocent people die first?"

And he replied while drying Jennifer's tears from her eyes "That’s the price of war. Even children have to pay for our sins. Our enemies think that. You have an issue with children, aren't you?"

Jennifer looked at him quiet and with a serious-saddened face. He then raised his arm and put it on Jennifer's shoulder trying to comfort her "It's okay. Tell me."

Jennifer looked at him and started talking about her dark past "I was young back then, just a little girl. I was in Moscow with my schoolmates for a championship. An academic marathon. School kids from many countries were there. Anyway when the competition finished the terrorists arrived and started shooting people. They killed lots, most of them women and children."

Weinmann was shocked and asked "Any survivors?" and she replied "Not many. I was one of the few survivors." Jennifer then closed her fists in anger and nodded while crying some tears "My parents and all my friends were..."

Weinmann nodded "I'm sorry." and Jennifer stopped crying and calmed herself down. She said "It's okay." Then she nodded "After the incicent, a man picked me up from a Red Cross camp and adopted me. He raised me like if I were his daughter and his family accepted me. He trained me eventually before I joined ISAF."

Weinmann looked at her with admiration and said "Must be hard. I feel you." Then he gave her some words "But you know, you have to be strong to face everything. If not, you will be down to your enemies and probably be dead. I can see you are new for this kind of situations and you are still learning, but remember these words I’m telling you."

Jennifer looked at him and smiled. Then the pilot informed them "Approaching the airport. ETA in 2 minutes."

Everyone inside the chopper got prepared for landing and Weinmann asked "You ready?" and Jennifer said "Yes sir."

The convoy already arrived. The soldiers came out of the trucks raising aiming their rifles for protection to the military personnel.

The German Military unit were active if something went wrong. Apparently there was no problem.

The unit entered to the main building of the airport. Suddenly, another unit ambushed them. A soldier of that unit shouted “Don’t move!” while she got surprised and drew her GSR pistol and groaned “Damn!”, but it was too late to even point it. Weinmann looked at them and he ordered to his soldiers “Hold your fire! Everybody, stand down!” and the armed group was still aiming at the Bundeswehr unit.

Jennifer raised her eyebrows and mumbled “What are you…” Weinmann indicated everyone to stand down by raising his arm and lowing his hand. Then, a unknown voice was heard “It’s been a while, Weinmann.”

He raised his eyebrow when hearing that. After that, he looked at the unknown unit and he could hear some footsteps closing in. Then he could see a tall man approaching from behind the unknown armed group. He was 6’ 4” tall and he was wearing a black suit and a black coat, similar to a Men In Black character.

Weinmann said with joy “Lindemann!”, then Jennifer asked “You know him?” and he nodded by shaking his head in positive. Lindemann said “It’s okay everyone. Put down your weapons.” Then, a another man approached. He was 6’ 3” tall. He was wearing a Colonel-class uniform and said “Good work out there, Agent Weinmann. I’ve just received the reports about the strike.” Weinmann saluted him “Thank you Colonel, but we couldn’t make it if it wasn’t for this woman. She did a great job.”

The Bundeswehr Colonel looked at Jennifer. He approached to a serious Jennifer and she saluted him. He said with a serious tone “You’re too young…”

Jennifer was still stood straight and saluting him. Then he smiled a little “Although you have some potential.” She lowed her arm and smiled with satisfaction when hearing the Bundeswehr Colonel’s words.

He then said “Good work Fräulein…” and she nodded “Patterson. Jennifer Patterson. It’s an honor to meet you Herr Oberst.” He then said “No. The honor is mine. Sorry for not introducing myself. Colonel Matthias Habich from the Heer Special Operations Division in Berlin.” He then asked “Who do you work with?” and she replied “I work for ISAF.” And he nodded “I.S.A.F.? Hmm, I heard of that before.” He then introduced the man in black “This is Till Lindemann.”

He saluted her “Fräulein Patterson” and she did the same “Herr Lindemann”. Colonel Habich nodded “Lindemann is the General Operations Supervisor of the Amt für den Militärischen Abschirmdienst (in the past Amt für die Sicherheit der Bundeswehr.”

Jennifer nodded “I see. So you’re from the MAD.” and he said “Ja fräulein Patterson.” Habich asked with a serious look to a confident and also serious Jennifer “So, how much can you do for the Bundeswehr?” and she replied “Even this is my very first misión, I’m fully prepared for this kind of situations. I’m trained to handle and use any kind of weapons; handguns, light-machine guns, sniper rifles, missile launchers, heavy artillery, etc. But my specialty is the sniping combat. I can read, write and speak German, I can sneak into facilities silently and most of all complete my objectives, which is a high parameter to me as an operative. My mentor taught me well and thank him for that.”

Lindemann asked “Have you ever been involved in a hostage rescue operation?” and she replied “Yes sir. I was involved in a special operation in England. I took the terrorists under custody and my unit rescued a hostage who was none other than Roland McNamara, the head of the MI-6.” Habich was shocked “I see. Operation Red Night, right?” and she said “Right.“

Lindemann asked “Anything else on your records?” and she said “Well, I was part of a stealth operation in Seattle, Washington. I had to bring information about nuclear weapons been traded to Israel. We stopped the men who were involved.”

Lindemann asked while shocked “Wait a minute. They sent you alone to do that?” Jennifer nodded “Umm…yes.” Habich did ask too “Knowing you were a rookie agent?” and Jennifer nodded while confused “Correct. Why?” Habich expressed with surprise “It’s the first time I hear something like that.” and Lindemann nodded “So do I. Looks like we’re dealing with someone out of the context.” Colonel Habich nodded “I can see you speak German. Any other language you can speak?” and Jennifer said with confidence “I can speak many languages fluently; German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Arabian, Indian, Italian and Greek.”

Lindemann was kinda surprised with Jennifer for her records and skills. He then said “One last question. This country has been in its worst crisis since World War II. Are you afraid to die? Are you up to sacrifice your life for people you don’t know?” Jennifer said with confidence “Sir, I think that’s a dumb question. I’ll sacrifice my life for your people. I don’t care about politics and I will complete my mission no matter what it takes. Besides, peace is the only thing that matters and I’ll do my best. Together, we’re going to bring peace to this nation once again.

Lindemann was moved and Habich was glad about what he just heard “All right. Well Weinmann, we need to see these documents. Lindemann, check them.”

Lindemann checked the documents and he was shocked about what he saw. Weinmann knew how they will react. Lindemann said “Herr Oberst, look at this.” and Colonel Habich approached him and asked “What is it?” Lindemann nodded while shocked “You’re not gonna believe this.”

Lindemann handed in the documents to Habich and his serious changed slowly with every page he was looking at. His silence said it all. He had no words.

Lindemann looked at him. He saw Habich was shocked “Colonel?”

Habich almost yelled “How did you get this!?” and Jennifer was kinda nervous for Habich’s reaction “Umm… I…” and Habich kept asking “Are you sure you get all this?”

She said “Yes.” and Colonel Habich continued “But how?” She sighed “It was hard. I had to infiltrate myself to the base as a Neo-Nazi recruit.” Weinmann added “And that’s not all. She destroyed the whole base. Not us.” Habich raised an eyebrow “Is that right?” and Jennifer said “Yes sir. That’s the thing why I’m still surprised. Hey, don’t think it was just that easy. I almost got myself killed.”

Habich asked while stunned “Lindemann?” and Lindemann couldn’t believe that and nodded “I don’t know what to say. She’s great. She’s perfect.” Habich then said “So, you take the job? And she replied “I will.” Lindemann was glad “Good, I know you’ll do a great job. It will be a pleasure working with you.” And she said “Thank you.”

She hugged Lindemann but Habich thought it was a little exaggetated “Lindemann, enough.” and he got blushed and coughed “Sorry.” Jennifer smiled “It’s okay, sir.”

Then she said while serious “Well, I think we have work to do, don’t we?” and Weinmann nodded “She’s right sir.” Habich said “All right, you have to come with us. We’re going to analyze these documents and find our first objective. We’re going to strike them back.” Jennifer asked “Where are we going?” and Habich replied “We’re going to the command center. Our analysts must have this information to to a more detailed research on those guys. Weinmann, come with us too.”

After the conversation between them, Jennifer, Colonel Habich, Chief Lindemann and Agent Weinmann headed to the Command Center located in the airport. Jennifer was stunned about what she saw; people working fast, calls ringing everywhere and lots of screens showing maps of Germany. Maps showing the occupied areas taken by the enemy.Colonel Habich asked “All right, what do we got?” and a German Military Analyst said “We received information from two of our agents about a conspiracy against the Prime Minister. We sent agents for a reconnaissance mission in Berlin. Also we received a call from them but then shots were fired against them and the communication was cut.”

Colonel Habich got serious and tried to ask “Are they...?” but the analyst said “No sir. Their vital sensors are still blue.”

Habich “I see. Any other news?” and the analyst replied “The unit commanded by Captain König is heading back. By the way, we’ve received a message from the enemy. They’re not happy about the happening in Bremen today.”

Habich sighed “All right. We have to work on it. I’ll contact the General to give him a status report about the operation.”

Colonel Habich explained Jennifer about a document that she recovered “Fräulein Patterson, this is an important list. A list you’ve recovered during today’s operation. I’ll let Lindemann to explain you this.” Lindemann started talking “We found some information about all of them which I’m gonna explain you next. They’re members of a Neo-Nazi organization called “Weisses Kurzweil”. Specialized in crimes against Non-Aryans and politics along with other goals.”

She nodded Weisse Kreuze? The White Crosses.” Lindemann said “Sounds kind of peaceful for the color.” She then said “But the appearances are deceiving.” She then shrugged “So that’s the responsible organization for the crimes against the German Democracy and your people.” Lindemann said “That’s right.”

After that, he grabbed a remote control for one of the CC’s screens and started showing each profile of Weisse Kreuze’s members. She saw him serious and upset towards them. Lindemann started explaining “Let’s start with this guy:

Olaf Heinecke: Former 2nd Lieutenant of the 35th infantry division in Düsseldorf. He was discharged from the military due to discipline issues.” Lindemann skipped to the next profile “Martha Augenstern: A former lawyer with a Ph.D. degree in psychology. Graduated from the Stuttgart University.”

Jennifer asked “What happened to her?” and Lindemann replied “She was arrested six years ago for an attempt of homicide against her son. According to her, he had American heritage from her last husband.”

Jennifer shook her head and said upsetly “Hmm. Killing a son for not been Aryan. That’s something unacceptable.” Lindemann nodded when looking at her face “I see you’re angry for that.” She approached him and said “Yes. I don’t like that kind of people who kills their own children for being something that they don’t want to be. Anyway, proceed with the briefing.”

Lindemann said “Ok. Let’s continue. We have other officers who’re considered the starters of this conflict. Next profile please.”

One of the analysts proceeded to the next profile to be shown on the main screen. Lindemann continued “Folker Kappelhoff Jr.: Former Captain of the 21st Infantry division company. Son of Folker Kappelhoff, a former General who died in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. He is retired from the military and two years later, he killed two black tourists in Cologne. He was condemned to seven years in jail but he was released during his third year due to missing proofs."

Jennifer shook her head while hearing that and Lindemann continued “Next please. The other guy you can see is Tilman Freyenmuth, former police officer. He was fired of his job due to corruption acts and other illegal charges against him.”

The analyst proceeded to change the profile from the screen to the next one and Lindemann shook his head “This is a real bitch. Former convict. Born in Frankfurt but she lived in America during her childhood. At the age of 14 she committed her first homicide. She killed her baby sister along with her mother and father. She was arrested in Texas and forced to accomplish a sentence of four years. Due to be a minor in that time. At the age of 20 she moved back to Germany to work as an assistant in a drugstore. She killed three people during a robbery in a bank. Since then, the Interpol has been looking for her due to a terrorist attempt against the Minister of Defense. He survived but three of his bodyguards died that day.” Then he said in a mocking tone “A beautiful maniac isn’t it?”

Jennifer nodded while serious “Beauty and madness don’t match. I don’t understand why the killing of small kids. I’ll take care of her. Be sure of that.”

Lindemann continued “We should find it out. Let’s continue shall we?” Then the screen changed showing the next profile and Lindemann proceeded “Anna Hartmann: Former elementary school teacher. We don’t know much about her past but during the beginning of this crisis she appeared constantly on the news and playing an important role in the Neo-Nazi forces.” Armin Hartmann: Anna Hartmann’s husband. Former military officer and one of Weisse Kreuze’s best soldiers. He was discharged due to discipline issues. He was known as the Berlin Killer though he killed twenty people in a Jew church in Berlin. He’s best known for using pistols. But to be precise, he especially uses Walther P-38 9mm caliber pistols; the handgun that was primarily used by officers of the former Nazi Germany Military. And it’s his favorite weapon.“

Lindemann then said using a serious voice tone and Jennifer could see his face a little bit upset “This is a strange one; Robert Magnusson. Former U.S. Military Sergeant of Swedish heritage. According to our analysts he was discharged due to a huge racist behavior. He trades weapons with drugs, illegal documents and people along with other stuff. He killed ten Mexican people during his last work as a police officer in the Mexican-American border.” Lindemann changed the profile from the screen “Ute Flade: Former member of the Abwehr. She was in jail for ten years due to the homicide of the Lieutenant Colonel Roman Pätsch. After that, she joined the enemy to make justice for the “White Power”.”

The profile was skipped to the next one and Lindemann nodded “Hermann Schüll: A Scientist. He was working with the G-Lab two years ago but he was fired due to his Aryan beliefs. He’s currently working with the Neo-Nazis in the development of military weapons and machinery.” Lindemann shook his head and nodded “Hans Von Schräder: Former Nazi Military Commander. He’s old today, but he was called out of retirement to form the Neo-Nazi military. Apparently, his beliefs are still strong, not to mention his hate against the Non-Aryans. He recruited approximately one hundred thousand men to form the Neo-Nazi military in two days. An unbelievable number.”

Lindemann continued while skipped to the next profile “Wilhelm Rolfsteiger: Commander of the Neo-Nazi Intelligence Service. He’s well known for a conspiracy against the Prime Minister. We knew he was a spy during his days serving as a Special Agent for the German Secret Intelligence Service. He’s a veteran.” Jennifer nodded while mocking “What? Neo-Nazi Intelligence Service? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Lindemann said “The majority of them used to work at many areas from the Bundeswehr fräulein” Jennifer shook her head and smirked then Lindemann continued “Günter Schweinwasser: Former Bunderswehr officer and former sergeant of the 36th division of the Heer. Discharged in 1992 due to indiscipline issues and for leading white supremacy revolts in the country and arrested in 1994 in Nuremberg for murdering at least fifty people. Fourteen of them were African-Americans. He is well known for his skills using grenade launchers and his many SS and Hakenkreuz tattoos.

Lindemann continued “Rudolf Zehetbauer: A serial killer. He’s well known for murdering twenty women in 1995. His attorney, Martha Augenstern, appealed his case and thanks to her, he was released in 1998. Now he’s serving as a “cleaner” for the Neo-Nazis. Be careful with this guy. “ Jennifer nodded “I will.”

Lindemann continued while shaking his head “Tilman Otto Müller: Former German Secret Intelligence Service Agent. I know him very well. I worked with him for fifteen years.” Jennifer turned to look at Lindemann and raised her eyebrows “What happened to him?” Lindemann said “We discovered he was giving information to terrorist mafias and other terrorist organizations. He became a freelance terrorist. You know, by contract.” Jennifer saw Müller’s profile picture on the screen and nodded “I see. Tell me about the other members remaining.”

Lindemann said “Of course. Let’s proceed.” He skipped to the next profile and nodded “These three members are the most important officers and responsible for starting this warfare.”

When Lindemann changed the profile on the screen, everybody inside CC was staring at the picture and so Jennifer. Lindemann nodded “Jörn Raltzinger: Leader of the Weisse Kreuze organization and also leader of a group which he calls the new National Socialist Party. Also, he’s well known in Germany for starting riots and other several conflicts during The Cold War. He was opposite for the idea of breaking the Berlin Wall. That’s not all. During the last ten years, he was appearing on the news everyday with campaigns of the “White Pride” or “White Power” expressing his pride of being Aryan and in National and International Congresses representing his party and posing laws in favour of the Neo-Nazi worldwide community. On 1999, he was rejected from the U.N. He wanted to become General Ambassador of Germany and an alternate Prime Minister of Germany. In other words, The Prime Minister of what he calls “The Neo-Nazi Germany”. All that to take control and to retreat the German Embassies around world. You know, to break all relationships our country has with others of the rest of the world. He’s our primary target.” Jennifer said “I can see why. Who’s the guy next to him?” and Lindemann replied “That’s Jorgen, his son. He and Raltzinger worked together and still working. Both founded “Weisse Kreuze”. He’s the second in command.”

Lindemann sighed while showing the last profile on the screen “Alexander von Niemack: Former 1st Sergeant of the defunct 24th infantry division of the Nazi Military during its last days on the 1980s. He was born in 1964, but at the age of 18, he became Sergeant of his division and at his 20s, he has ascended to the Captain Rank. He’s a high trained man so be careful if you find him. Your fight with him will be tight.” Jennifer was serious and said “I’ll stand my ground.”

He sat on a chair and nodded “That’s the list. Weisses Kreuze are the main responsible for this revolt. The Neo-Nazi resistance is their ally along with their people. From the beginning we controlled the situation until the Neo-Nazi military and civilians who sympathize with them joined forces. Since then, the Neo-Nazis had gained enough power to face us. They were in control until this day; the day the snake came. We’re going to strike back.” Colonel Habich then said “Fräulein, I suggest you go to sleep for your first assignment with the unit. Tomorrow starts a new day for you.”

Jennifer asked “Are you sure sir?” and Habich replied “Yes. If something emerges, we’ll call you immediately.”

Jennifer agreed and Habich ordered “Lieutenant Holfstädtler, take to her to the dormitories.” and Holfstädler replied “Yes Colonel. Right away.”

Colonel Habich sent Jennifer to the dormitories in the airport. She was accompanied by Lieutenant Arne Holfstädtler. During the walkthrough, she started to interact with him. Jennifer asked “So Lieutenant, how much are you in the German Forces?

Lieutenant Holfstädtler replied “I have been in military service for fourteen years.” And she nodded “Hmm, that’s great.”

Lieutenant Holfstädtler said “Thanks.” Then he nodded “So you must be the new reinforcement for our military, right? and she said “Yes. Jennifer Patterson at your service.” And he said “Lieutenant Arne Holfstädler.”

Jennifer smiled and he said “So, you’re American. Where do you come from? Michigan? California? Washington? Texas?” and she interrupted him “Wait a minute. Have you been in the United States?”

Holfstädtler said “Not recently, but I lived in Nevada when I was a kid. I was six years old at the time but I’ve returned to Germany when I was ten. Jennifer then asked “So how old are you? And he replied “I’m thirty two.” Jennifer raised an eyebrow and said “What? You look younger.” and Holfstädtler shook his head while smiling “Haha. No way.” And she said “No, I’m serious. You don’t look like of that age.” Holfstädtler looked at her and asked “Is that a complement?” and she smiled a little “Not exactly.” He then asked “Hmm. And how old are you?” and she replied “I’m twenty.” He got shocked when hearing Jennifer’s reply and asked “What? Really?”

She then said while smiling “Yes. I’m twenty years old. You think I’m kidding?” Holfstädtler shook his head and nodded “No, it is because you’re too young. Are you sure you want to stay here fighting?” She turned her amused face into a serious one and said “Of course I do. Why everyone asks me that?” Holfstädtler nodded “It is because of your age. I never met such a young brave girl like you. Honestly.”

She raised her eyebrows and asked “Is that a complement?” and he nodded in a mocking tone “Hmm. Not exactly.” She laughed “Hahaha. You flunkey.” Holfstädler smiled and asked “How tall are you?” and she said “I’m 5 ft 9.4 in. 1.76 m.” He nodded “Hmm. You have the height of a supermodel. From your country at least.” and she laughed. They reached the dormitories and he nodded “All right. We are here.” and she said “Thank you Lieutenant.” He then said “You’re welcome fräulein… Umm Patterson, right? Or should I say Black Snake.” Jennifer smiled and said “Call me Jennifer.” and he nodded “Jennifer huh.” She said “My friends call me by my name.”

Holfstädler smiled “Is that right? Okay Jen.”After reaching the dormitories, Holfstädtler was called from the command center and left Jennifer to sleep. Then the Airport Command Center called Holfstädler through intercom “Lieutenant Holfstädtler. I repeat Lieutenant Holfstädtler, Colonel Habich requires you at the Strategic Command Room and your presence is required ASAP. Report yourself immediately.”

Holfstädler said “Oh. Duty is calling.” And Jennifer said “Don’t worry. It’s your job.” He then put his hand on Jennifer’s shoulder and said “I’ll see you later. Good night.” She then said “Thanks.”

Jennifer took off her uniform and put it under her bed. Then she lied down on it to get some sleep because of her assignment that will commence the next day. She was worried about the next day but knew about that there was no turning back now. During that night, German Army units were coming back to the airport from battles against Neo-Nazi rebels. Maybe the German people and many soldiers won’t understand this, but they’ll see the rise of a new heroine. A new war idol and a new... snake.

Chapter 2: Rescuing The Foxes Edit

Berlin International Airport; Berlin, Germany (February 3rd, 2001. 0500 hours): The German Army Headquarters was reported about missing agents three days before Jennifer’s arrival. Their command center reported it right away to the Headquarters the day they were missing but they responded three days later. Colonel Habich sent a soldier to look for Jennifer and wake her up. The soldier arrived to the dormitories and saw her sleeping. He approached her woke her up “Fräulein Patterson? Fräulein Patterson, wake up.” Jennifer woke and just barely opened her eyes. She yawned “What’s the matter?” and the soldier said “It is time. Colonel Habich is waiting for you.” Jennifer was wearing nothing but her undergarments and she said “All right. I’ll be there in a minute.” The soldier was about to leave but she asked him “Excuse me, isn’ there any outfit for me?” and he said “Ja. There’s one in lockers area.” And she said “Thanks a lot. I’ll be with the Colonel in a few minutes.” And the soldier said “Make it quick.”

She went to the lockers room and put on a Heer corporal uniform. Then she looked at herself through the mirror. Then she said to herself “Let’s get this done.” Then she got out and saw the soldier waiting for her and he asked “Ready to go?” and Jennifer said “Yes. Let’s do it.”

Jennifer and the soldier went to see Colonel Habich at the Command Center. When they reached there, they saw Habich and the others where expecting them.

Habich said “Good morning, Fräulein Patterson.” and Jennifer saluted “Colonel Habich.” Habich said “We received an important report about two of our men. Lindemann?” and Lindemann nodded “Yes sir. Fräulein Patterson, you know why you are here.” She nodded “Yes, Herr Lindemann.” and he asked “Are you ready?” and she said while enthusiastic “Absolutely.” He smiled a little and said “All right now let me explain your mission.” then he said “Fräulein Jansen, profiles please.” and Jansen, one of the analysts opened the profiles on the screen. Then she said “They’re on, Herr Lindemann.”

Lindemann started explaining “We received reports about Neo-Nazi units been assembled in Mündchen. Next, please.” Jansen changed the satellite pictures from the screen to the next one and Jennifer saw pictures of two men and asked “Who are them?” and Lindemann said “These two men are from our recon team. The man you see on the left side of the screen is Christoph Schneider. He’s an agent from the 21st division of the Strategic Unit in Berlin. The other one in the right is Richard Zven Kruspe. 1st class operative from the 36th company of our Bundeswehr Military located in Berlin too.“

Jennifer asked “What happened?” and Lindeman replied “We received information that Schneider and Kruspe lost contact during a reconnaissance mission in Mündchen to watch the Neo-Nazis activities around the area. They disappeared three days ago and we have no communication with them since then.” Jennifer asked “Three days ago?”

Lindemann replied “Yes. However, we put on them vital sensors which let us to know about their status. Their sensors are blue for now which means they’re still alive. Last contact with was in Mündchen, but the vital sensors are marking their location in Hamburg,” Jennifer shrugged “And how it happened?”

Lindemann said “According to Mission Command, they gave us a report about a conspiracy action by Neo-Nazi rebels against the government, so we think they were caught by those rebels. During the transmission, it could be heard shots of the rebels against them and the transmission was cut off.” Jennifer nodded “I see.”

Habich said “Fräulein Patterson, I will send you to Hamburg to rescue our operatives. When you find something important like information, contact us. Make contact with them successfully and contact us immediately. Investigate who of the Neo-Nazis did it and engage them if necessary. If you bring some of them alive to us, the better.”

Lindemann took a chip from a table nodded while showing it to her “From now on, you’ll be using this vital sensor to stay in touch with your location and your status. For this, we will introduce the sensor through your body.”

She raised an eyebrow “What? Why?” Lindemann replied “For protection.” She was kinda suspicious about that but she said “Okay.” Lindemann said “Good.”

Then a man appeared next to Lindemann. He was 6’ 3’’. He was tall and thin and he had blue-eyes. He had blonde hair and he was wearing glasses. He looked at her and Jennifer asked “Who is he?” and Colonel Habich introcuced him to Jennifer. “Fräulein Patterson, let me introduce you Doctor Thomas Hassenbauer. He will be your medical advisor during your staying here. You can consult him for everything in case you’re sick or injured in battle.” Lindemann nodded “He’s one of the best medical officers we have, not only in the army but in the country.”

Jennifer said “Nice to meet you Doctor.” and Dr. Hassenbauer said “Nice to meet you too, Fräulein Patterson.”

Lindemann looked at Jennifer and said “Remember; if you’re sick or wounded, don’t hesitate to call him.” and she said “I’ll do it.” Dr. Hassenbauer approached her with the chip and said “Let me introduce you the sensor Fräulein...” and she interrupted him by saying “Snake, call me Black Snake.”

Dr. Hassenbauer raised an eyebrow “Black Snake?” and she smiled while blushing “Yes. You know. For the mission.”Dr. Hassenbauer then said “Ok, Black Snake. Come with me.”

He took her to the medical barracks. When they reached there, they entered and Jennifer saw many wounded and refugees. All of them victims of war. She had a shocked face and covered her mouth with her hand as signals of shock and concern. Jennifer was stood still, watching men, women and children taking care of each other. All of them wounded lightly and badly. And Dr. Hassenbauer noticed her concern and anger through her beautiful but serious face. Hassenbauer touched her shoulder with a finger “Fräulein Patterson? Fräulein Patterson, this way.” And she kept still a few more seconds, but she looked at him and said “Let’s go.” They went to the infarmary and there nurses attending some wounded. Then a nurse accompained Jennifer and Hassenbauer. Then he said while giving her the chip “Nurse, please.” She took it and put it into a gun-like syringe ready to inject it to Jennifer. Jennifer saw it raising an eyebrow and the nurse said “Please take off your shirt and your bra.” Jennifer raised an eyebrow “Why?” and the nurse said “Just do it, please.”

Then she sighed “All right.” The nurse grabbed the lower part of her right breast and said “Hold still. Here it comes” then pull the trigger of the gun-like syringe, introducing the sensor. Jennifer screamed in pain a little “Ouch! Watch it!” then she asked while a little sour and upset “Why did you plant that inside my breast?” and Dr. Hassenbauer said “Because it is how it works in a woman. Besides, no one would have the idea that the sensor is in there.” And she raised an eyebrow doubting about his answer “Are you sure?” and he said “Yes.”

Then she sighed again unpleasantly “Hmm.” Dr. Hassenbauer said “Check your breast. If you feel something, tell me.” and she nodded “I feel a small capsule deep inside my breast. That’s all.” and he said “Ok so there’s no problem. That’s normal.”

Then she put her bra and shirt back on and they went back to CC. Then they saw Lindemann waiting for her with her equipment on a table “He said “We have your gear, Fräulein Patterson. By the way, our weapon specialists made their work on your equipment to upgrade their efficiency and to make it better when using. Here’s your Sig-Sauer GSR pistol; customized of course. Now you can add a suppressor on it if you want. Here we have your binoculars, your AP sensors and your other stuff. By the way, we made some modifications to your suit.”

She asked “What?” and Colonel Habich said “Your suit contains a special body armor which can protect from any kind of bullet caliber. Since the .12 to .50 caliber bullets. Also, .12 gauge rounds impact force will be reduce to minimum, which means you’ll only feel a push. It can hurt you, but it can’t hit you.”

She shrugged “I see. So that’s why my suit is a little bit more robust and muscular than before. Well, not that muscular that everybody thinks but it seems a little bit bigger.” Colonel Habich said “It is because of the armor that’s inside the suit. German technology.” and she smiled. Then she asked “Is there any backup unit for the mission?”

Colonel Habich said “We will be a backup unit for you from here.” and she said “Oh, I get it. Support unit by via radio.” and Habich said “Exactly. We can support you by radio communication but I recommend you when you rescue the agents, you will use them as a backup unit. Furthermore, when you get out from the hostile zone, there will be a backup unit waiting for you. But call us anytime ok? Even when you‘ve rescued them. At the moment you confirm us that your mission is done, the backup unit will go to rendezvous with you. Is that clear?“

She replied “Yes sir.”

Habich nodded “All right. A helicopter is waiting for you at the runway 1. When the crew leaves you in hostile zone, contact us immediately. By the way, we’re using codenames. We know you’re using the codename Black Snake since you came here right?” And she said “Yes.” then Colonel Habich nodded “Ok. So we’re the snake nest. To make it coherent.”

Jennifer nodded “Snake nest. Got it.” and Colonel Habich said “All right. So let’s move on.” She grabbed her gear and went to the barracks to get dressed for the mission. She put on her suit and then headed right away to one of the airport’s runway where a Sikorsky CH-53G Super Stallion chopper was waiting for her. She entered to the chopper and it took off from the airport and went right away to Hamburg. During the trip, Jennifer looked at a dawning sky above the city. She was serious and confident. The chopper was out from Berlin and Jennifer asked “How long does it take to go from Berlin To Hamburg?” and the pilot said “About 2 hours and 40 minutes.” Jennifer rolled he reyes showing desperation and anxiety to arrive to Hamburg. She nodded “My God, it will be a long trip.” and the pilot said “What do you want to listen to?” and she asked “What do you have?”