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Metal Gear Solid:Rise of the Blue Rose is a fanon written by Jim Logan. It is a direct sequel to Metal Gear Solid:Dark Horizon. The main protagonist is Catherine Pliskin/Silver Snake.

Prologue:May 2, 2024Edit

Catherine sat in the back at the pool, ear buds blasting music into her brain. A glass of scotch sat on the table next to her, sunglasses protected her eyes from the harsh rays. She stifled a yawn as she stretched "Jesus I'm bored." Catherine mumbled to herself. In the past four years since her "retirement" the World War had escalated and included bombings on American soil. In response America formally entered the war, siding with Russia and the rest of NATO. She had been contacted several times asking to help with the effort but she couldn't care less about the war, in the past year China and Korea had lost it's headwave it had in the early years and had been reduced to a manageable level, she knew the war was on it's last legs.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Katnis walking toward her wearing her swimsuit, carrying a bottle of whiskey. She indicated for Catherine to take out her ear buds to which she obliged.

"Yeah?" Catherine asked downing the last gulp of her alcohol

"Someone's here to see you..." Katnis said

"Tell him to screw off." Catherine replied with a snarl

"Uh..." Katnis started

"He's right behind you isn't he?" Catherine asked

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Mrs. Pliskin." A male voice said behind Katnis

Catherine looked up to see an older man, possibly in his late fifties or early sixties, a three piece blue suit, circle rimmed glasses. He had a minor gut possibly a former athlete or soldier his eyes were red possibly from exhaustion.

"What do you want?" Catherine asked as politely as possible

"I'm forming a team, and I'd like you to be apart of it." The man said

"You and every other Agency. Get to the back of the line." Catherine said

"Well, I represent the IIA and the team I'm forming is a little the books than the ones you're used to." The man stated proudly

"Why should I?" Catherine asked "What's in it for me?"

"We have intel that suggests...Metal Gear is involved." The man said

Catherine laughed "Oh god that's funny, last time someone told me that, the guy got me shot, stabbed and nearly put a bullet through my skull. Why should I believe you now?"

The man tossed Catherine a manila folder, after giving him a skeptical look she opened the folder to see what appeared to be a haflway completed Metal Gear.

"Why don't you just blow it up?" Catherine asked handing it back to him

"We don't know where it is, that photo was taken two months ago before it was moved to an unspecified location." He replied

"Not going to got my attention buddy." Catherine said

"Archer. Archer Norton." The man said.

Catherine, now dressed in and olive drab military fatigue walked through the main complex of the IIA building. The people running around as if a nuke was about to go off. Military men doing drills outside, agents getting heading upstairs to the helipad to take off. Others going over the equipment in the armory.

"What's going on?" Katnis asked

"Ah, some agents are heading out on mission others are running a test." Archer said in a distracted tone

"So this team, what's our objective?" Catherine asked

"Oh ho you're not in charge this time." Archer said with a chuckle

"As grateful as I am for that, you have no idea, why?" Catherine asked stopping as if she had hit a wall

"Well your CO is more qualified in terms of politics and supply management, plus his CQC skills are superior." Archer said

"She's improved greatly." Katnis said

"I'm sure" Archer replied

Catherine continued walking until they reached a lounge where they found a young man, at least two years older than Catherine, black messy hair, shirtless as if he had just got done training, dog tags dangling in the air, he had the physique of an athlete and there were several scars on his chest and arm as well as a Marine Corps tattoo. He was talking to a young woman, possibly Catherine's age red hair, two different colored eyes. Her right one being red and her left being blue.

"This is your CO, Commander Rogers." Archer said

"Well hello there gorgeous." Rogers said putting on a cocky smile "How you doing?"

"Save your breath I'm taken." Catherine said crossing her arms

"Well how about you baby?" Rogers asked

"Taken." Katnis said wrapping an arm around Catherine, and planting a kiss on her cheek

"I see...well name's Rogers." Rogers said extending a hand

"Got a first name bub?" Catherine asked

"That's classified." Rogers replied

"Catherine" Catherine said shaking his hand "You can call me Snake."

"You can call me Fox then." Rogers said

"Katnis" Katnis said "This bitch here wouldn't give me a codename."

"We'll sort that out." Rogers said "This is Madison, she can't talk verbally, instead she, well..."

"Hi there!" A female voice exploded into Catherine's mind like a drum

"Ah! What the hell?!" Catherine shouted rubbing her temples

"Oh sorry, I never know how strong to apply my ability to new people, it's different for everyone." Madison said

"That's okay...just..don't read my mind okay?" Catherine asked "You don't want to see what's in there."

"Noted." Madison replied with a smile

"So what's your little posse called eh 'Commander'?" Catherine asked Rogers

"FOXZero. Welcome aboard, Snake." Rogers said

Catherine noted the prototype Sunny had made four years earlier on the man's wrist. "Where'd you get that?"

"We purchased prototypes from your cousin Sunny, very helpful in the field for our agents. I saw you have an updated version on your wrist." Archer said

"Yeah, the iDroid doesn't come out of the watch." Catherine said

"Well if you have any questions, Snake you will report to Rogers or your CO." Archer said

"And who would that be?" Catherine asked

"Well hello sugar tits." A familiar voice stated behind her

Catherine turned to see Jericho, with his trademarked smile on is face

"God damn..." Catherine mumbled

"Welcome to the team." Jericho said in a cocky tone

Chapter 1Edit

Catherine, dressed in a white tank top and blue jeans fired off four more shots from her golden Desert Eagle, hitting her dummy target in the head and chest twice. The door behind her opened "Not bad, for a retiree." Rogers said in a joking tone

Catherine looked at the young man who obviously had just gotten out of the gym, he was shirtless and he was wearing silver work out pants, two .45's on his hip holsters.

"What do you want, kid?" Catherine grumbled

"Kid? I'm 19 I'll have you know!" Rogers said reaching for his gun

"And I'm 21. You're just a little baby who needs to learn something about respect." Catherine said

"I am your superior, bitch!" Rogers shouted

"And I can snap your arm and break your knee cap before you can fire off a shot. Face it, you're only in charge because you're Jericho's little lapdog." Catherine said

"I'm a better hand to hand fighter than you!" Rogers said in defense

"That's from five years ago, I've gotten a lot better." Catherine said

"Bullshit!" Rogers shouted. He obviously wasn't used to getting upstaged

"Don't believe me? Try something. Just see how long it takes me to put your ass in the ground." Catherine said getting in his face

Catherine put her gun into Sunny's Lila Inventory. Not a moment later out of her peripheral vision she saw Rogers attempt to throw a punch her way. She ducked, side stepped him and landed her own fist into his rib cage knocking him to the floor, breathless, and coughing up blood.

"I told you..." Catherine said offering a hand to help him up

"Well well well, I hope we're getting along in here." Jericho said behind her

"You could say that." Catherine mumbled "Get to the infirmary, I think I broke one of your ribs."

"Screw off." Rogers said

Rogers passed Jericho and gave him a salute, holding his ribs.

"You know he's a nice boy." Jericho said lighting a cigar "Tony's just rough around the edges."

"Tony?" Catherine asked

"Oh that's his first name, he tries to keep it classified." Jericho replied, unfazed he just gave up his operative's secret

"Why..." Catherine asked crossing her arms

"It was his father's name. His father tried to kill him when he was ten." Jericho said

Catherine remained silent, not wanting to inquire further

"He got drunk, went off a little crazier than usual. His mother rushed to the kitchen to grab a knife to defend herself. He didn't like that one bit. He took the knife, looked at him and said Why so-" Jericho started

"I get the picture." Catherine said waving her hand in the air, not wanting to hear more "Why are you telling me this?"

"Well Madison, being a psychic erased that night from his mind, even after he refused to take his father's name." Jericho said

"And why are you telling me this?" Catherine repeated, getting annoyed

"She can erase those two days old Ocelot had you captive in Mexico. Her door's always open." Jericho said with a smirk.

With that Jericho took his leave, and she was left alone with her thoughts. She thought to herself Should I have that would end a lot of pain. It shouldn't make who I am But her other half shouted just as loudly If you wanted to forget it, you would have!.

"Pardon me, am I interrupting?" Madison asked

"No, Mad. But please, don't invade my mom said it was creepy and it really is." Catherine said with a sigh

Madison giggled "Sorry ma'am, but your wife would like to see you in the lounge." Madison said

"Thanks Mad." Catherine said and made her way to the lounge where she found Katnis showing Madison how to put together a PSG-1.

"Hey Cat!" Katnis said in a chipper tone

Catherine simply nodded "What are you putting that together for?"

"Archer gave us our mission! We leave in half an hour!" Katnis said with a smile.

"Good, this place is getting boring." Catherine said "So what's the mission?"

"That will be explained on the way." Tony said behind her. His ribs bandaged up.

Catherine and Tony's eyes met, and the anger between them almost caused electricity to fly through their gazes.

"Are you two going to kill each other or kiss?" Madison asked with an exasperated smile

"Kat, loan me your gun." Catherine said stretching out her hand

"No!" Katnis shouted hugging her gun like one would a child.

Catherine coughed as she awoke, sand in her mouth. Everything hurt, not as if she was shot or stabbed, but just an aching pain. She stood up slowly and found she was in the desert. She looked herself over, patted herself down and found everything in it's proper place, nothing broken. She tried her codec, and Katnis picked up.

"Hey! You're alive, thank god!" Katnis said in a chipper tone

"Yeah, what the hell happened?" Catherine asked pulling out her silencer equipped SOCOM, checking it still worked.

"An anti-aircraft gun tried shooting us down and you fell out. We crashed a long ways away. But we're fine." Katnis said

"Damn." Catherine mumbled

"You okay?" Katnis asked in a panic

"What? Yeah, yeah I was just hoping Tony died in the crash." Catherine said

"I'll tell him yo were so worried." Katnis said "an you ping us your location so we can meet up?"

"How do I do that?" Catherine asked

"Activate your map on the iDroid and send out a pulse, we'll be able to track it and I'll mark a meeting spot on your map." Katnis said

"Got cha." Catherine said doing as she was told, activated the iDroid's map feature and hit one of the buttons, sending out a pulse on the holographic map.

"Got it! You're about ten miles out. Okay see that cave about five miles ahead of you?" Katnis asked

"Yeah, I got it." Catherine said

"Alright start heading that way, we'll meet up with you there. Then we can plan out what to do next." Katnis said

Catherine signed off, scrolled through her items until she found Sunny's improved Solid Eye and selected it. When she put it on her left eye the world in her field of vision got a grid-like view. The waypoint Katnis had set was marked with an orange circle and the distance was set just below it. Catherine started that way humming a song to keep her mind busy.

She made it to the cave, sweaty, hot, dirty and ready to pass out. Not a moment after she collapsed to the ground, her back to the entrance to the cave, she saw three shadows step in front of her.

"Hey guys, just gimmie a minute." Catherine said waving her hand to the shadows.

"Well whatdda we have here boss?" A male voice said

"We have a tourist. American by the looks of it." the leader said with a smirk

Catherine looked up at the three. They were dressed in dark brown duster coats with just as dark hats. They were armed with what appeared to be high end standard Russian military equipment. Catherine went to reach for her SOCOM but the two henchmen raised their weapons.

"Remove. Please." The leader said.

Catherine raised an eyebrow "Remove what?"

"Your uniform. That will fetch an excellent price at camp." The leader said rubbing his whiskers. Catherine couldn't tell if he was thinking about the outfit, or thinking about her.

"Alright, but I need to take the boots off first." Catherine said, lying through her teeth.

"Then get moving woman, we have to get going." The leader said, spitting at Catherine, hitting the dirt next to her boot.

Catherine bent down and out of the corner of her eye, she could see Katnis laying down on the sand, positioning her rifle at one of them. In a split second, Catherine jumped, wrapping her arm around the leader and turned him so the henchman on her left fired off three shots, hitting the leader in the chest each time. Using the moment of shock to her advantage, Catherine grabbed his gun, snatched it from his hands turned and fired off a single shot into his head. Catherine went to shoot the last one but found him writhing on the ground in pain as his kneecap was shot off.

"Hey! You alright?" Katnis asked dusting Catherine's suit off.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You need to work on your aim." Catherine said

"I meant to shoot him there." Katnis said

"Right...and I meant to fall out of the helicopter." Catherine replied

"Shut up alright?" Katnis said punching Catherine lightly on the arm

Catherine looked over and saw Madison scanning the would-be muggers weapons and attire with Sunny's Lila inventory

"What are you doing?" Catherine asked

"Copying their data, they could be useful." Madison said

The watch gave Catherine an alert, and upon investigation a new message stating new attire and weapons were available. Catherine was at first tempted to put something over her Sneaking Suit but decided against it due to the heat.

"Alright so why'd we meet up here?" Catherine asked

"This is one of the alternate entrances to the base. That anti aircraft gun is hidden behind the rock. We'll need to take it out while getting the data." Tony said adjusting the weight of his Mk.17.

"Right...i'll get the data, you guys can go hit the anti aircraft gun. Use the shadows. Katnis, I need you to climb that rock, it should be adjacent to the gun, you take out any guards and provide as much cover fire as possible. Mad, you give her some backup." Catherine said

"Hey! I'm in charge!" Tony said.

Catherine, using the iDroid activated the Stealth Camo and said in a cocky tone "Try to keep up."

She made her way into the complex and found it to have very minimal security. She was shocked by this as Jericho had stated this data was class one priority. It could in theory end the war. But from the looks of it, this data was probably Putin's shopping list.

"Yo! Is this working!?" Tony said into the radio

"Yes..Tony, what do you want?" Catherine said with a sigh

"I made it to the anti-aircraft gun. Your girlfriend shot everyone in the neck. I'm about to disable it, you got the data?" Tony asked

"It's been ten seconds, give me a minute you ass!" Catherine said signing off.

Catherine walked as silently as possible into the main command hub and found a man in a white checkered suit, smoking a cigar. His silver hair let down as if he had just gotten out of a shower. She saw the briefcase right by his seat. Catherine crawled as silently to the chair and grabbed the briefcase without the man noticing. She made her way out of the command hub and up to the roof where she found the AA gun on fire.

"How did you not raise an alarm?" Catherine asked turning off the stealth camo.

"I'm just that good." Tony said with a smirk

A couple wires sparked and the alarm was instantly raised.

"You dumbass!" Catherine shouted kneeing him in the ribs again "Did you call a backup helicopter!?"

Tony coughed up some blood as he pulled out his Mk.17 and readied it "Yeah! And we got six AI's to back us."

Catherine shot him a look "Why? Those things are just gonna die."

"Of course! They're targets that shoot back." Tony said as they dove behind cover.

"Katnis can you cover us?" Catherine asked

"On it!" Katnis shouted into the radio firing off a shot, hitting a man in the stomach

"Thanks!" Catherine said as she fired off two shots from her SOCOM toward the advancing soldiers

As more bullets flew, Catherine knew they were outgunned, and that it was unwise to get a new weapon from the Inventory without getting a lucky bullet through her skull. Even with Katnis giving cover fire. She tried fate and activated the Inventory and selected her M4 from the inventory and in a few seconds it appeared in front of her, the magazine laying next to it. She checked the contents of the clip, slammed it into the gun and cocked it. She took a deep breath and dove out of her soon-to-be-gone cover and opened fire at the approaching guards, who were know holding riot shields. When she landed she had to quickly roll out of the way of oncoming fire.

"Where's the damn chopper?!" Catherine shouted

"I got no clue!" Tony shouted back

A few seconds later yet another gun opened fire mowing down all the guards on the roof, including the ones with riot shields. Tearing through them like wet paper. Catherine looked to see the helicopter landing. Once they were boarded, she ordered the pilot to pick up Katnis and Madison, who were covered head to toe in dirt and grime.

"Well, was it worth it?" Tony asked

"I don't know." Catherine said "We'll just have to find out.

Several hours later, the team was cleaned and rested before handing over the data to Norton and Jericho who after only a minute started freaking out as if they were on drugs.

"What's wrong?" Catherine asked

"Russia and China, both have Metal Gear prototypes ready to launch nukes into the other's country." Jericho said

"What's the point? The war's practically over. It's basically cooled down by now." Katnis said

"Exactly, it's turned into a stalemate, a cold war. A single incident can easily cause those nukes to launch and the war to re-ignite like throwing a match onto a dry field. " Norton said "We need to know where these things are now!"

"You're going to have to do it without me." Jericho said

"What!? Why?" Norton asked, obviously panicked

"The IIA is re-assigning me to replace the old director of the SNATCHER project. However, I did pick the new CO." Jericho said

"Who?" Norton asked

Catherine's codec started going off, and Catherine answered it, wanting to get away from the conversation "Hello?"

"Hey there rookie."

"B-Boss?" Catherine asked in shock.

"Looks like I'm your new CO." Snake said with a sneer.

Chapter 2Edit

Catherine lying down on the landing platform, her legs dangling over the edge. A cigarette in her mouth her back resting comfortably on the cold hard steel. She heard someone order a guard to not let anyone through unless it was dire. She opened her eyes to see her father, Solid Snake force himself to sit next to her. For the first time, she noticed the gray hairs around his temples.

"Hey." Catherine said with a bored, tone

"You're the first person on this damn base who hasn't started trembling when I walk near them." Snake said.

"Well you're my dad. I spent the first year living with you trembling with fear or respect." Catherine said with a chuckle.

"Well it's nice to see you rookie. Sorry we couldn't talk at the wedding." Snake said taking out a cigarette.

"Yeah, where's mom?" Catherine asked

"In Quarantine." Snake said casually

"What!? Is she okay?" Catherine shouted

"She's fine she's fine. It's just doctor's orders." Snake said "She'll be out in a week."

"Why?" Catherine asked, letting her cigarette drop into the ocean

"Remember that disease I told you got put in me in 05?" Snake asked

"Uh... FOXDIE?" Catherine asked

"Yeah, and the past few years, since I've been slacking off and not working out, the disease worked it's way back into my system. Snake said

"A-are you going to...?" Catherine asked

"I might. It depends if Naomi can make a cure." Snake said

"How long?" Catherine asked

"She's been working on it for four years." Snake said

"How long?" Catherine repeated

"She said she almost had a breakthrough but she lost the sample in an earthquake..." Snake said

"How long!?" Catherine shouted

"A year." Snake said "If she doesn't find a cure within the next year, I'm gone."

Catherine nearly tackle him, giving him the biggest hug she had ever given in her life, tears flowing from her eyes "Don't leave me! I can't live knowing I can't call you to listen to your stories about your war buddies! I just can't!"

"Calm down, rookie. I'm not dead yet, and I know Naomi won't let me down. Frank won't let her." Snake said patting her head.

"I-I'll donate money, I'll do anything to help." Catherine said wiping her tears away.

"Rookie, I don't need your money. If I die, I die. I'm not asking for a Hollywood death. I'd be content dying with your mother." Snake said looking out on the horizon

"But Hollywood deaths are the best. Isn't that how your buddy Gray Fox died?" Catherine asked

"I wouldn't say that..." Snake said

"Thanks for telling me this Jack." Catherine said nudging Snake's arm

"I never did tell you my actual name did I?" Snake asked

"It isn't Jack?" Catherine asked as Snake stood up

"My name is David." Snake said, winking at her.

Catherine was shuttered awake by the rocking of the helicopter. Dressed in an olive drab Marine field uniform which was over her Sneaking Suit. She peered around, seven soldiers boxed in with her. Their faces covered by black balaclavas. The only facial feature that was visible was their eyes. It's there she realized only one was an actual human. The others were obviously AI's mad by Hal Emmerich. The few things that gave them away was their irises which were all colored red and their lack of breathing. The only human with her was sitting directly across from her, he was chanting something while rocking back and forth, his shotgun in his lap, his shirt drenched with sweat. She looked out the window to see the dark blue ocean as the sun rose.

"Commander!" The pilot shouted "Touchdown in sixty! You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Catherine shouted back.

A day earlier, after a day of digging through coding, and listening through various channels, it was discovered by Sunny that a member of the Blue Rose was camped out in his castle-like fortress on a cliff side in Russia. Luckily they could cover the assault as the Chinese army was trying to take it back. As soon as the helicopter landed, Catherine sprinted into the nearest cover and witnessed the very same helicopter go down from an AA gun. She sighed, slid an ammo pack into her MP40, cocked it and surveyed the situation.

"We need someone to take out that sniper tower! Our boys can't advance!" A soldier shouted from the trenches.

Catherine knew her gun wouldn't be able to make it, she needed a sniper rifle. Oh how she wished Katnis were here. This thought was shattered as a rocket blasted away the very trench the soldiers were in, obliterating them. Catherine sprinted her way to the command "station" where she found four Chinese soldiers and five Koreans discussing strategy.

"沒有任何人有任何想法?" The commander asked

"嗯,你可以擊退了牆壁和穿牆進入,我們將提供掩護火力。當你一開口,我們將侵入,並採取了城堡。" Catherine said

"好主意,因為任何。讓我們繼續前進吧!" The commander shouted as he assembled his troops.

Catherine ran to the three squadrons of AI soldiers and shouted "Listen up! We need to provide the infiltrator's cover! At least ten minutes! Think we can do it!?"

"Sir yes sir!" The AI's shouted

"Oorah sir!" one of them shouted as they performed a complete 180 and started opening fire at the sniper dens.

Catherine watched as the Chinese tight roped their way up the wall trying to make it to the hole in the wall several falling to their deaths before making it to their location and inside the fortress.

"Alright! They made it! Let's make a push for the door!" Catherine shouted over the gunfire.

"Yes sir!" the remaining AI's shouted as they automatically went for a dead on-sprint to the door.

Catherine sighed to herself, made sure her gun would stay on her hip and followed suit, sprinting through the oil, the dirt, the rock and peso blood, hopping over two AI corpses until she slammed shoulder first into the door. When she came to her senses she saw she had lost over half the AI's during the sprint. After a minute the door opened up to the Chinese, all covered in blood. Catherine nudged her way past the men. She hugged the wall and peered around the corner, finding seven enemy guards sprinting toward them. Catherine lost the clip hitting three of them in the head or chest. Mid-reload she dove back behind cover as they returned fire. She went to scream at her allies to help fighting but found they were busy with their own guards. She sighed, pulled out a grenade and tossed it blindly. A half second later it exploded. When she looked around the corner she found them all dead. Catherine put her MP40 into her inventory and picked up one of the enemy's assault rifles, loaded it and split from the team until she found an open door where there were three people. Two heavily armored guards and a man in a suit. Catherine took a deep breath, activated her iDroid and selected body armor. Not enough to take a shot gun blast point blank, but it would be able to take a blast in case she mis timed a jump. When she returned her attention, she was nearly spotted by one of the guards. Quickly, she took out her knife, grabbed him, spun him into the wall and jammed her knife into his throat.

"Go check on him." A male voice echoed.

Catherine picked up the shotgun on the floor, took a deep breath and dove into the room, and let loose a shot, finding it's mark into the guard's helmet, sending him into the wall. Just as fast as Catherine landed, she sprung to her feet, CQC slammed her target into the floor and in one quick motion put a second shot into the guard's helmet, blasting off half his face. Catherine threw the man into a chair took out her pistol and pointed it at his skull.

'Now, you're going to tell me all you know about the Blue Rose." Catherine said

"Screw off, bitch!" the man retorted, spitting at her.

"Wrong answer." Catherine said shooting him in the left kneecap

"Gah!" The man shouted rubbing his knee as if it would make the pain go away.

"You have one more chance. If I don't like your answer I am putting this gun against your skull. Got it?" Catherine asked placing the gun against his other knee.

"I-I..." The man stuttered

"Wrong answer." Catherine said shooting his other knee.

"Oh god what the hell!? I didn't say anything!" The man shouted, tears flowing from his eyes.

"One more chance." Catherine said placing her gun against his skull.

"I don't know anythin-" The man started

"Five...four...three....two...on-" Catherine said her voice growing more sinister with each number

"Okay okay! Nein you bitch!" The man shouted "My superior's in Germany. Under heavy guard! He has the location to one of our fortresses!"

"Thank you for your business." Catherine said planting a final bullet into his brain.

Catherine turned on her Codec and asked "You get all that?"

"Got it rookie." Snake said in a satisfied tone

"Send a chopper for pickup?" Catherine asked

"Already sent kid." Snake said.

Chapter 3Edit

Catherine, stalked her way through the hallways of the German fortress, careful to avoid the sensitive eyes of her enemies. Katnis had tailed a German military commander who is planning to secede and assist China and Korea in the war effort. Katnis had fished information out of him that a new shipment of weapons had come into the fortress that would push the war into their favor. She unlocked the door to the armory and found a lone scientist tapping away at his computer. She thought about shooting him with her silenced pistol, but decided against it as she knew even that would cause a noise that guards would come rushing to.

Catherine quickly snapped the man's neck and placed it on his arms to make it look like he was sleeping soundly and may her way to into the actual armory itself where the new weapons were held. When she got there she found five black carrier cases. She used a bobby pin to open the locks and when she opened them, she found two guns in each, two pistols, two assault rifles, two snipers, and two shotguns. They looked like nothing special, at least to her. She shook her head and scanned each and sent them to Sunny.

"You get the scans?" Catherine asked

"Yup. They seem to be able to take almost any ammo type, but they're almost completely silenced as the barrel causes the bullets to burn off any access gunpowder and oil, while simultaneously releases the air, almost making the gunshot silent as wind." Sunny said

Catherine stored one of each into her Inventory. She tested the pistol, they were each .45's. One was gold, the other was silver. She liked the look of the golden one and tried to aim it at the wall, the sight was off by an inch, but that could be easily fixed.

"Hey! Albert! We're going out for beer, wanna come?" A guard asked as he walked into the door.

Catherine gasped, put the extra weapons back into the containers, locked them and used her holocamo, she switched her appearance to a German army Commander uniform and crouched behind the stacks of weapons, out of the view of the guards.

"Albert!" The guard shouted as he shook the dead scientist violently "Come on, wake up!"

"He's not breathing..." The other guard said

"Raise the alarm! We have an intruder! Check the weapons!" The first guard shouted

Catherine stood up as the second guard turned the corner, he was shocked by her appearance that he was close to unloading a clip into her chest.

"Commander...what are you doing here?" The guard asked

"I was doing an inventory check. What happened to the good doctor?" Catherine asked in a German accent

"He's dead, we are checking for an intruder, are there any guns missing?" The guard asked

"Yes. The sniper, and one of the pistols." Catherine said as the alarm was raised.

"What is going on here?" asked a man with a strong welsh accent

Catherine peered to see a man decorated in various medals walking into the room, his black military uniform tidy and clean as expected. It's there she noticed a Blue Rose tattoo in his neck, nothing special to the common eye.

"There's an intruder, sir!" The guard shouted 'They stole a few weapons and they're in the castle!"

"Then check the hanger, the stealth helicopters are parked there." The general said. As soon as the guards were gone, he turned to Catherine and asked with a purr "And who might you be?"

"Commander...ah. Commander Redgrave, sir." Catherine said, standing at attention.

"Ah you must be the Frau the Headmaster sent to keep me under control. I am Victor Mann des Sieges" Victor said

"Nice to meet your acquaintance." Catherine said

"Come to my chambers, I am sure we can pass the time doing something." Victor said

Catherine followed him up the stairs to a chocolate colored door which opened to a lavish room, filled with medals, weapons and memorabilia. She peered out the window and caught the glint of a sniper rifle scope.

Madison's voice broke into Catherine's head "Don't worry, Katnis is using an AI, she's armed with one of the German's new rifles. She can back you up if you need it."

Catherine nodded to herself "Thanks, Mad."

"So..when did you arrive?" Victor asked pouring himself a glass of wine.

"This morning." Catherine said

"Ah. Did you fight in the war?" Victor asked

"I was stationed in Korea for four months with my wife." Catherine said. But as soon as the words left her mouth she mentally kicked herself.

"Ah you' of those. No matter." Victor said with a depressed sigh

"For what?" Catherine asked

"Forget it. So do you have any questions about my glorious fortress here?" Victor asked

"Yes. What are those stealth helicopters?" Catherine asked

"They don't use blades, instead a circular fans that makes virtually no noise, making transporting troops and making raids far easier. We plan on testing them in Korea, attacking those American scum. The Rose has plans for that piece of land and those monstrosities are in the way." Victor said with pride

"What are in the way? The Americans?" Catherine asked

"No my dear. The trees." Victor said "I've said too, I would like to enjoy the spoils of my rank."

"W-What?" Catherine asked as he moved closer

"Did the Headmaster not tell you what happens to my... gifts?" Victor asked unbuttoning his shirt

"N-No." Catherine said

"You'll soon find out." Victor said

"You want me to take a shot?" Katnis asked via the codec

Victor inched closer, his hands twitching as they got near her shirt.

"Take the shot!" Catherine screamed into her head, hoping Madison would pass along the message

In a milisecond, a gunshot flew through the glass window shattering it, painting the wall with blood as half of Victor's face was taken off. His body slumped to the floor.

Catherine breathed a sigh of relief but when she opened her eyes she saw Victor get back up, straighten his tie and in seconds, his face healed as if nothing had happened, only leaving a dark red mark on his temple.

"How the...-" Catherine asked in shock

"Nanomachines work wonders, my dear." Victor said with a sneer.

Two guards burst into the door, panicked looks painted their faces one of them shouted "Commander, are you alright!?"

Victor just waved his hand "Right as get the sniper while I finish my business with this woman."

Catherine, using her Inventory, commanded one of her guns into her hand and hid it behind her back.

"You know my dear, if one of my own guns couldn't kill me. What makes you think your puny pistol would finish me?" Victor asked with a smug grin.

"What do you want from me?" Catherine asked raising her gun. She knew it wouldn't help, but it at least made her feel more safe, despite the circumstances.

"I know who you are, Black Snake, of the International Intelligence Agency. Agents like you have been biting my heels for months. Now I humored your existence here on this base just so I can have my fun...then...I shall dispose of you." Victor said casually

An explosion threw them off their feet, Catherine crashed into his desk. When she got her footing, she saw several troop carriers halting on the beach, tanks opening fire on the castle. Four soldiers burst into the room, Catherine withdrew her M4, and as if time slowed down, Catherine opened fire, hitting them, and each hit the floor with a plump.

"Snake! Tony's in the hangar! He got the specs for their stealth helicopters sent to us! Get down there now and we can get you evacuated before that place is razed!" Sunny shouted in her ear.

"Roger!" Catherine shouted running over Victor and down the hallway, where she found the hangar door.

She burst in and found Tony using one of the helicopter's side guns to defend himself from oncoming soldiers.

"Come on, princess! I only got so much ammo! Pilot, start us up!" Tony shouted

Catherine hopped into the vehicle, reloaded and opened fire, with more and more guards coming they would have no chance of taking off. Out of the corner of her eye, She saw Tony disembark from the aircraft, armed with a mini gun and unloaded his payload.

"Tony! Get your white ass in here now!" Catherine shouted

"Go on princess! I got this covered! Worst case scenario I gotta take a death pill!" Tony shouted as the pilot turned the aircraft and started toward the hangar door. Catherine could no longer see Tony, but activated her Codec and dialed his number

"Tony you don't have to do this..." Catherine said

"Yeah I do princess. Tell your dad something for me when you get back." Tony mumbled

"What's that?" Catherine asked

"I'll see him wherever he's going." Tony said as his codec cut off.

The newly-acquired stealth helicopter landed on the platform of the motherbase where she was greeted by her father and Norton.

"How dare you show your face back here after that shit stunt you pulled!" Norton shouted

"What are you talking about? I did the mission you gave me! I followed it to the letter!" Catherine replied

"Did I tell you to talk with the enemy? Did I tell you to take one of their helicopters here?" Norton said

"No but missions don't always go down to the letter." Catherine said

"For all we know they could of followed you back here and they can kill us all!" Norton shouted waving toward the silver cube set up, David had chosen to model the Motherbase on.

"If they do, we can take 'em." Catherine said crossing her arms.

"Until further notice, you are stripped of rank and you will spent the next four days on patrol duty! Snake! You get X to have that aircraft searched to make sure there isn't a beacon." Archer said walking toward his private helicopter

"Don't worry rookie. I'll settle this." Snake said placing a hand on her shoulder "You did a good job."

Chapter 4Edit

Catherine stood in front of the IIA Committee, also attended by members of the UN, their eyes staring through to her very core. She dropped her cigarette into her portable ash tray and hid it behind her jacket pocket.

"Miss Pliskin." The Chairman of the committee said

"Mrs." Catherine corrected.

"Mrs. Pliskin. This meeting was called by Archer Norton to discuss your recent actions while under his command as a member of FOXZero. Your latest mission in Berlin, Germany lead to an international incident where over seventy-five percent of the country up and joined China's cause because of it!" The Chairman shouted

"And that's my problem how? I did my job, the very job your pencil pusher carrier boy Norton told me to do." Catherine said pointing a finger at the Chairman.

"We told you to retrieve their weapons. Not have a Sunday tea with the enemy, and cause a battle to start!" The Chairman shouted

"I got you the weapons, I got you the stealth helicopters, hell I got you their damned war plans for Korea! What more do you want from me!?" Catherine shouted in defiance

"Wait, you, got the helicopter and war plans?" The woman to Catherine's right asked "Norton told us it was Tony."

"He may have gotten it off the ground, but I got it back to base in one piece. Tony got himself killed blowing up the hangar." Catherine said, shaking her head.

"Well this...certainly changes things. Doesn't it? Norton! Henceforth, you are placed under suspension for falsifying evidence. You are to be returned to your home until we know what to do with you. Miss-Ahem Mrs. Pliskin?" The Chairman asked

"Yes, sir?" Catherine said, grinning to herself as Norton was dragged away in cuffs, kicking and screaming

"Do you have anything else you'd like to share?" The Chairman asked

"Yes. I believe we should target all our efforts into rooting out the Blue Rose." Catherine said

"The Blue Rose?" The Chairman scoffed "Nothing more than a political rumor. Some bits of code."

"Were the La-li-lu-le-lo a rumor, were they nothing more than political rumor?" Catherine asked, raising an eyebrow

The Chairmen sunk back into his seat and waved "Continue."

"Look, we know they have plans to re-ignite the war by any means. Torch a few cities, blow up a few buildings, piss off FOX News... anything to keep the war going and to keep the money coming in." Catherine said

"What do you suggest? Get every man woman, child and AI and just sweep the entire planet, break into homes and shoot anyone we think is connected to this organization?" The chairman asked

"No, not exactly. We know Victor is a member, Patrick Ryder was a member, Gene, and Zadornov were all members. What's their connection?" Catherine asked

"They were connected with the...Russian military." The Chairman said

"Precisely." Catherine said with a nod, hoping she looked convincing, as if she knew what the hell she was talking about

"That still doesn't help. We can't make the Russian military hold their soldiers at gunpoint and ask to search their body to see if they have anything blue rose related on their body." The Chairman said

Catherine shrugged "I don't know sir, I'm just a soldier, you give me a gun. I shoot. You give me a knife, I stab. You're the brains of this."

"We'll talk this over. In the mean time. Stay out of trouble Pliskin. Meeting adjourned." The Chairman said

Just as everyone took their leave, the Chairman stepped in front of Catherine and waved his hand to come closer.

"Yes, sir?" Catherine asked

"Just between us...your rank was abolished by Norton a few days ago, we can't access it again. So you're going to have to come up with a new codename." The Chairman said "Oh and your rank and Lt. Commander has been re-instated. Good luck soldier."

Catherine saluted "Thank you sir."

The Chairman gave a salute back and took his leave. Catherine walked outside to find a waiting Katnis slouching against Catherine's motorcycle, a cigarette lit in her mouth. She hadn't noticed Catherine yet so she took the opportunity to sneak up on her.

"So! When'd you start smoking?" Catherine asked with a grin

"Gah! What the hel-How'd it go?" Katnis asked stamping out her cigarette

"Fine, I guess. I got my rank back. But I need a new codename." Catherine said

"Ah think it over the weekend, I'm sure you'll figure something out." Katnis said

Catherine hopped onto the motorcycle and said "What about...Diamond Snake?"

"Keep guessing dear." Katnis said sarcastically.

A few days passed, and Catherine stepped out onto the main deck of Motherbase, sunlight rendering her nearly blind.

"Hey rookie, think you can come down to the Level 6 landing pad, across the hall?" Snake asked via Codec

"Sure I'll be there in a minute." Catherine said

Catherine quickly got dressed in her olive drab uniform, picked up her sidearm and holstered it before charging over to the landing pad where she was greeted by three people. Her father, Rose, and a man she didn't recognize.

"What'd you need Boss?" Catherine asked

"Welcome our newest teammate, Raiden." Snake said

"Hey kiddo. Good to see ya again." Raiden said with a grin

Catherine nodded "That's Snake to you. Silver Snake."

Chapter 5Edit

Sea air graced Catherine's nostrils as she sat on the edge of the hatch on the Hind. She had just completed a mission in England where she had to tail a suspected war criminal. However what she got was nothing more than an over dressed middle man selling pirated DVDs. Obviously someone was trying to distract her. But all Catherine wanted to do at that very moment was lay in bed, and sleep for twelve hours to make up for her three days of no sleep. However, something caught her nose. Smoke. Gun oil. Blood. Catherine's eyes shot open and what she saw, was Motherbase, the cube she had called home for the past few months was ablaze.

Catherine immediately went to her Codec, and dialed Snake's, Sunny's and Katnis's numbers, but there was no answer. She looked around the Hind, the seven AI's that had been sent to pick her up were armed and ready for battle.

"Pilot! Set us down on the highest possible landing pad!" Catherine shouted over the erupting gun fire.

"Yes sir!" The pilot said turning course as Catherine armed her M4 and opened fire on the attacking forces, distinguishable from her own allies with their dark blue uniforms. Catherine disembarked from the vehicle and surveyed the situation. Most of the anti-aircraft weapons on the lower levels were wrecked. Bodies littered the decks. The other helicopters were destroyed. But to Catherine's relief the doors to the inner sanctum were shut. Meaning at least Snake or Katnis were alive.

"Pilot! Take these AI's and make passes around the base! Try to pick off as many of these bastards as possible! I need more ammo!" Catherine shouted twirling her finger in a circular motion.

The pilot gave his thumbs up and rose into the sky, as AI's piled on both sides and opened fire on the invaders. Catherine armed herself with her SOCOM and made her way into the main base, careful to not be caught by any enemies or shoot any allies. Once inside she was shocked to find so many injured human soldiers. She didn't see Katnis or Snake anywhere, not even Raiden. She sprinted forward toward the medical wing where she found dozens of wounded men writhing in pain, missing eyes, jaws. Arms and legs. Blood spewing from wounds. Obviously they were caught unaware.

Catherine grabbed the head nurse "Katnis, Solid Snake!?"

"They're in the war room, Raiden's there too sir." The nurse said, unfazed by Catherine's urgency.

Catherine nodded to the woman and let her get back to work before running to the war room, where she found her family crowded around a huge computer, watching as the enemy tried to plow their way into the main base.

"Cat!" Katnis shouted locking Catherine into a hug "We thought your helicopter got shot down before you got here!"

"I thought you guys were gone. Why didn't you answer your codec?" Catherine replied

"Our coms were jammed by the leftover Chaff." Snake said "That's why there are so many wounded. Our AI's were jammed for most of the early fight. Right now we're waiting for them to reboot, then we can start fighting back."

"How long till they're back online, Snake?" Catherine asked folding her arms

"Ten minutes at the most, that's what Sunny said." Snake replied

"Raiden, Katnis and I can make a big dent before they get online. Come on you two." Catherine said

"Good look rookie if you need to retreat, I won't blame you. There are a lot." Snake said giving her a salute.

Catherine nodded and the three made their way to the armory where they ammo'd up before heading up to the roof.

"So I've been meaning to ask. How did their bombs not do more damage, or their heavy artillery on their ships?" Catherine asked

"Your father installed a prototype technology to the struts. They worked out in the long run. We would've lost more in the first few minutes than we actually did." Raiden said as they made it to the roof.

"Okay. Kat. You take out as many people as you can with the sniper. Samurai boy and I will get down there and take them head on." Catherine said getting the tight rope ready

"Wait why can't I go down there?" Katnis asked

Catherine put a hand on her shoulder and said "You're a good sniper. You can do more for me up here than you would be doing down there."

Katnis nodded "Alright I guess. I'll be here."

Catherine winked "Wouldn't have it any other way."

Catherine started her slow rope descent into the chaos. When she got down there, she saw Raiden already slicing and dicing through men and vehicles as if they were wet paper. However, while watching Raiden work, several soldiers got the jump on her, and opened fire. Prompting her to dive behind cover of a broken piece of metal.

Catherine equipped her shotgun she enjoyed for close encounters and returned fire, killing two and wounding another, just with her first shot. However, in retaliation, another threw a grenade. Her reflexes were not fast enough, and it erupted, sending it's shrapnel everywhere, hitting the left side of her body, tearing the fabric off the top of her left arm. The single grenade also left tears in the pants of her suit. She was hurting all over. She just wanted so inject herself with some painkillers and sleep away the pain. However she knew that wasn't possible for her, at least not at the moment.

"I need some cover fire over here!" Catherine shouted into her Codec

"On it!" Katnis replied planting three guards in the skulls, breaking them into a thousand pieces.

Catherine activated her iDroid-Inventory, put away her shotgun and scanned through the weapons and ammo selections until she found what she was looking for.

"You done? I need to reload! And you got more bastards on the way!" Katnis said

"I'm ready!" Catherine replied taking out the weapon.

When Catherine stood up, slapped the ammo pack into the gun, cocked it and spray-fired on the nine guards, hitting them each at least five times leaving their bodies consisting of nothing but blood and guts.

"What the hell was that?" Katnis asked

"Something dad gave me." Catherine said

A voice behind Catherine asked "Making good use of that huh?"

Catherine turned to see Snake behind her, an army of AI's sprinting out to help Raiden clean up the remaining soldiers.

"Of what?" Catherine asked

"The Patriot." Snake said

"Oh...yeah." Catherine replied "Sorry the blood loss."

"You should get that looked at kid." Snake said

"I'm fine." Catherine said "Plus I got someone to talk to. Where's Norton?"

"Up in my cabin. Why?" Snake asked

"I'll be right back." Catherine said

Catherine made her way into Snake's room where she found Norton drowning his sorrows away, throwing down a bottle of scotch. A cigar in his left hand.

"Oh. Hello Catherine. Is the battle over?" Norton asked

"Just wrapping up." Catherine said "Now I have questions for you."

"What do you need?" Norton asked as Catherine locked the door

Catherine pulled up a chair and said "How long have you been working for the Blue Rose?"

"What are you talking about?" Norton shouted, obviously insulted.

"Come on. You sent me to England. You sent me into Germany to start that incident. When you failed to get me killed, you tried to get me removed from FOXZero. You instigated this attack. Admit it!" Catherine shouted

"I have nothing to admit!" Norton said in response

Catherine smacked him with the butt of her gun and checked his neck for any tattoos, but found none.

"What the hell was that for!?" Norton shouted holding his forehead.

"Take off your ring." Catherine said pointing the Patriot at him

"What is this, LA?" Norton grumbled handing her his ring.

Catherine hooked the Patriot on her belt, and used her lighter to heat up the ring for a few seconds before planting it against a piece of paper, leaving a scorched rose in it's place.

"Well what do you have to say for yourself!?" Catherine said

"Coincidence!" Norton said in defense.

"You have ten seconds to give me one reason for me not to blow your god damn head off!" Catherine shouted unhooking the Patriot and pointing it at his head

"Alright, alright! Look! Let me explain." Norton shouted

"Fine." Catherine said, swearing under her breath.

"I was a member of the Blue Rose, but I was removed after the incident in Germany after the new leader thought I purposely wanted that mission to fail." Norton said "I can give you the exact coordinates to one of their secret development facilities. They either have top-class weapons or vehicles, maybe a Metal Gear. One of the council members. I don't know.'s all I can give you!"

"You bought yourself another day. Come on." Catherine said walking him down to the elevator and went lower until they made it to Sunny's vault. Where they found a massive University-level super computer.

"What are we doing here?" Norton asked

"Tell Sunny the coordinates. Now." Catherine said

Norton typed in the coordinates into the laptop. Leading to a large yellow circle in Africa.

"What does that mean?" Catherine asked

"That's the general area." Sunny said

"Thank you for your cooperation." Catherine said

"Now will you let me go?" Norton asked

Catherine turned on her codec "Frank. You there?"

"Yeah, why sir?" Frank asked

"Prep the brig, would ya?" Catherine replied

"Sure thing." Frank said

"Come on." Catherine said threatening to whip him with the butt of the gun again.

Chapter 6Edit

The helicopter whizzed past the acres upon acres of green lush African forest. It was both beautiful, and breathtaking. Catherine thought for a moment about taking a vacation here with Katnis and Sunny once this business was over. Catherine looked over her attire and sighed with embarrassment. Sunny described it as "Naked Camoflage. Something Big Boss used a lot in Operation Snake Eater." Truly it was nothing more than a black bra, and black leggings. Catherine also got a new, improved Lila inventory. However, she could still only carry one or two weapons on her at once, the weapons were pre-sorted by their class, and now Catherine could hit a button and have the entire map of the area appear on the ground or floor instead of a display on her wrist.

"Now remember, I may have put a cloaking device on our stealth chopper, but they can still detect you by sonar, so be careful and don't get too close." Sunny's voice echoed in her mind.

"Sir! We're getting close to the LZ! You ready?" The pilot asked

Catherine peered at the man, and to her shock it was an actual human, not an AI. "Uh yeah, just stay in the area in case I need an evac."

"Will do, sir." The pilot said, making a quick landing.

Catherine disembarked from the helicopter and waited until it had taken off before she got up from her crouching position. She quickly checked over her gear. An M4 around her hip, a SOCOM with a silencer equipped to it, a grenade, a flare grenade to call the helicopter and a small pack of C4. Maybe enough to take out a truck. Catherine turned on the iDroid, and hit the button, causing the map of the entire area to appear on the forest floor. She was currently two miles from the precise location of the facility Norton had given them. She sighed, turned the iDroid off, took out her SOCOM and made her way into the forest.

To her surprise there were no guards in the entire perimeter. "Was the facility abandoned?" Catherine asked herself

However, when the facility was in view, her hopeful demeanor shifted to a disappointed, angry one. As the entire facility seemed to be on high alert. Probably from her helicopter. Catherine noted the parked truck outside the base. She took out her binoculars and noted that the back was full of oil, possibly OILIX. That meant it was highly explosive. Catherine slid down the mountainside, and crouched her way up to the truck. Planted her pack of C4 and dashed into a nearby shrub. She counted to ten and hit the ignition button, causing the truck to explode into a fireball. Not a second later an alarm was raised.

"You can never do anything subtle can you?" Snake's voice chirped into her ear

"Nope." Catherine mumbled

As soon as most of the guards congregated around the burning truck, Catherine took advantage and scaled the opposite wall and made her way into the facility where she found a lone guard. She aimed her SOCOM at the man and whispered "Hands up!"

The guard gasped and dropped his rifle "What do you want?"

"Tell me, what it is your protecting." Catherine hissed

"He-He's in the center room. The one with the gun camera!" The guard said

"Thank you very much." Catherine said hitting the man in the back of the head with the butt of her pistol, knocking him out cold.

Catherine made her way to the center of the complex. The room was easy to find as it was the only one with two gun cameras at the door. She could buy a Chaff grenade from Drebin, pop it and rush in before the cameras come online. But that would make it difficult to get out. Or she could shoot them out now, but that could raise the alarm. She aimed her SOCOM and pumped two shots into each camera, causing a small explosion on each, obliterating the cameras.

Catherine quickly darted into the room. To her surprise, she found a blond haired man, dressed in what appeared to be cowboy-inspired attire. He had a slight beard and looked like he hadn't slept in days.

The man looked up at Catherine, his eyes lit up. "Ah I take it you're the rescue John sent?"

"Who the hell are you?" Catherine asked

He had looked so familiar to her. She just couldn't figure out where she had seen him before.

"My name, is Shalashaska. But many call me...Revolver! Ocelot!" Ocelot said

Catherine raised her gun at him, angry tears running down her face. "Don't you move! Don't you move!"

Ocelot raised his hands "Whoa, whoa. What did I do?"

"Y-You don't remember me?" Catherine asked

"No, I don't, why?" Ocelot replied

"What year is it?" Catherine asked, lowering her gun

"1984." Ocelot said sincerely

"Oh god dammit." Catherine mumbled

"What's wrong?" Ocelot asked

"I gotta get you outta here." Catherine said

Catherine activated her iDroid and hit the *CALL HELICOPTER* option

"Yes sir?" the pilot asked

"We need an evac. Say just outside the complex? We are going to need cover fire." Catherine said

"Will do sir. ETA, sixty seconds." The pilot replied

"Gotcha." Catherine nodded "Ready to go?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Ocelot said with a shrug

Catherine walked him out the door, and immediately, gunfire filled her ears. She looked at Ocelot and nodded her head toward the door, and they both made a full on sprint outside to see their chopper annihilating enemy sentries with his machine guns.

"Come on." Catherine said opening fire on stragglers as they made their way to the helicopter.

Ocelot got on board, shortly followed by Catherine who chose to stay in the doorway to provide cover fire. The pilot took off just as they got out their rocket launchers.

"We gotta clear out!" The pilot shouted

The helicopter landed, and Catherine and Ocelot departed from the vehicle where they were greeted by Snake, Katnis, Naomi and Frank Jeager.

Katnis wrapped Catherine in a hug and whispered "You should dress like this more often."

"I'll think about it." Catherine said

"Well John, I like what you've done with the place." Ocelot said giving Snake a hug

"I-uh I'm not Big Boss." Snake said

"Then who the he-No way. Little David? Jesus Zero wasn't kidding when he said you'd be aging quickly." Ocelot said in disbelief

"Ocelot, it's 2024." Catherine said "September, 2024 to be exact." Catherine said

Ocelot blinked a few times before shrugging it off "No matter. I'm here. Where do you need me?"

Catherine walked away from the conversation "I really don't give a shit. Jump off the platform, see if I care."

"Cat! Come on!" Katnis shouted running after her.

"What the hell did I do to her?" Ocelot asked, bending in to ask Snake

"You'll have to ask her that. No way am I getting in between her like this." Snake said

Chapter 7Edit

Catherine stepped into the mess hall where she found Shalashaska, her father, Katnis, and Naomi chatting over coffee and breakfast doughnuts.

Ocelot noticed her first and gave a wave "Morning, Boss."

Catherine snarled at him as she sat down "Morning."

"So, this is a nice place you got here." Ocelot said "A little fire damage but that's fixable."

"Thanks, I guess." Catherine mumbled

"So, what do you need me to do around here?" Ocelot asked

"Why don't you jump off a strut with cinder blocks tied to your ankles?" Catherine replied

"Alright look." Ocelot said slamming his cup down "I want you to tell me whatever the hell I did to you. The other me, I should say."

"You didn't tell him?" Catherine asked her father

"Nope." Snake said

Catherine sighed "Fine. You really wanna know? When you joined FOXHOUND about ten years ago, you were assigned to be my firearms teacher, and after a year you kidnapped me to Mexico, tortured me and nearly shot me. But Raiden cut off your hand, I took your gun and I shot you right through the forehead. I watched that bullet coarse through your skull. I saw your splattered brains on the wall. And because of you I had nothing but nightmares for five years."

"Well, I'm sorry." Ocelot said

"You have no idea how much I would like to smash this glass over your head and cave your skull, or even better. Smash this glass, take a shard and stab it into your throat." Catherine said "You. Have no idea how much I want to do that right now."

"I bet you would. But that would be dis-satisfactory for our mission." Ocelot said folding his hands together.

"Our mission? Our mission! You're nothing more than a failed science test. You shouldn't even be alive right now. In fact. I should put another damn bullet through your skull right now!" Catherine shouted

"Yes, but I know where the Blue Rose's last base is. I have the coordinates-"Ocelot tapped his head- "Right up here."

"Madison?" Catherine asked out loud.

"Yes, Commander?" Madison asked

"Would you mind getting the coordinates from Ocelot here?" Catherine replied

"With pleasure!" Madison said in a chipper tone

"Wait, what!?" Ocelot asked

"Oh, and give them to Sunny when you're done, would you?" Catherine asked with a smile

"On it!" Madison replied

"You have a telepath?" Ocelot asked "Amazing."

"She's pretty badass. Now Ocelot, now that you don't have a bargining chip...what stops me from putting a bullet in your head?" Catherine asked

Ocelot shrugged in defeat "I can train what troops you have here for the potential invasion."

Catherine exchanged a look with her father, who just gave a shrug as if saying "Do what you want."

"Fine. Naomi." Catherine said

"Yes?" Naomi asked, astounded she was being talked to

"Round up a squad of the new recruits...say thirty. Re-assign them to Ocelot." Catherine said "And you, you have two weeks to get them ready. Got it?" Catherine asked

"Will do Boss." Ocelot said

"If you fail." Catherine said grabbing him by the collar. "I will personally, drown you."

A week later, Catherine was in the elevator to Sunny's personal bunker below Motherbase. When the door opened she was greeted by the sound of a dozen running computers, the smell of sweat, and the sight of artificial light from the computers themselves.

Sunny was in her roller chair, zooming back and forth from one end to the other as if she was faster than light itself. Catherine's eyes could hardly keep up. Sunny finally stopped tapping away at the keys, stood up and stretched a second before grabbing a can of energy drink from her cooler.

"Hey Sunny." Catherine said

"Morning Boss." Sunny said with a salute "What can I do ya for?"

"Uh..well how long have you been awake?" Catherine asked

"Three or four days." Sunny said casually "Nothing new."

" how's the Sneaking Suit coming along?" Catherine inquired. It had been three or four weeks since she wrecked the last suit in the assault. She desperately needed a new one.

"It should be ready by the invasion, and I made another version called the Battle Dress. Heavily armored. Gonna be able to take a rocket and keep on kicking. I also made another based off Snake's from Shadow Moses. Going to be able to carry twice the amount of guns as you could in the normal suit, four times as the Naked Camo." Sunny said

"Sunny, I appreciate it. But I only need one." Catherine said brushing Sunny's hair

"I know, but just one is boring. Plus the R&D needed something to do." Sunny said

"We have a week before the invasion. Anything you wanna confess?" Catherine asked

"Nope!" Sunny said in a chipper tone "What about you?"

Catherine looked away "I like having Ocelot here..."

"What?" Sunny asked in shock

"It's like I'm eleven again. Seeing him just makes me feel...good. I almost called him Uncle Adam a couple times." Catherine mumbled

"Habit, it sounds like." Sunny said

"Yeah well, if he dies in the invasion, I won't mind. I personally hope he does. But if he doesn't, I won't mind either." Catherine said

"Well I gotta get back to my R&D project. Mind if we chat later?" Sunny asked

"Sure. See ya later." Catherine said making her way to the elevator.

Chapter 8Edit

The feeling came back to her body slowly. First the feeling came back into her arms. They hurt like hell, as if someone had sat on them. Then her chest and legs, not as bad but they were stuff. Then finally her head. There was something wet on her forehead. She wiped away her it and found sticky blood. She didn't feel pain. She looked up and saw a corpse impaled on a helicopter blade. His organs hanging out. She wondered how long she had been unconscious.

Catherine stood up and noted she was in her normal green camoflage attire, now drenched in blood and guts. Catherine activated her inventory system and quickly selected to be changed into her sneaking suit. A flash of light, and her camoflage fatigues were replaced with an all silver and black skin-tight jump suit. Catherine almost switched to the Shadow Moses suit to help blend in with the dark beach but she thought her current suit was good enough.

Catherine picked up her M4 carbine, checked the clip, slapped it in and crawled onto the beach, finding it covered in corpses and blood. Shrapnel, body parts. Men and women screaming in pain. Entire sections of their bodies scattered across the beach like some sick painting. Catherine passed a man missing his entire left cheek begging for death, that would come soon. But not soon enough for him.

"Boss, you still there?" Ocelot chirped into her ear.

"Yeah Adam. I'm breathing." Catherine mumbled

"Most of the ground forces have made it into the compound. The fighting is hot and heavy in here. Get in, their leader is in the basement!" Ocelot shouted

Catherine nodded and sprinted across the blood-drenched battlefield, careful not to step on any still-living person that was hard to distinguish from the rotting corpses. Once she made it inside, she found the fighting fierce and deafening. But with the enemy distracted she got into the elevator and selected the basement. On the way down, she could hear the distant cries, the screams the gunshots. All she wanted to end. Before the invasion she told Katnis to stay home for her safety. No matter how badly Katnis wanted to help, she didn't want to have to continue to check in on her while fighting.

The elevator stopped, and when the doors opened she was greeted by a darkened room. The only visible light was a single raised stage. At the top, an older man, seemingly in his sixties or seventies stood, heavily breathing.

"Welcome to the end of the old world, and the beginning of the new!" The man shouted "May I ask your name my dear?"

"Catherine." Catherine replied "Yourself?"

"Oh...I've gone by many names. But you may call me the headmaster of this organization." The man replied

"Well what do you do? What's your goal here? World domination? Sending a message? Did one of my family spill your diet soda?" Catherine asked

"No no no. You see. I personally caused the funding to create the cloning technology. I want to give everyone back their lost ones. Do you know how many people have died in this war alone? Thirty five million! After ten years! Do you know how many families are now without mothers, fathers, sons or daughters!?" The man shouted "Too man! My cloning technology will give them back their lost ones! I shall provide happiness to the world!"

"That your organization caused." Catherine said "You caused all those deaths and now you're trying to clear your conscience."

"Wrong! I have proof my cloning tech works! You yourself are harboring three in your care! Ocelot, Gray Fox and Naomi! ALL my design! All by my doing!" The man shouted

"Right. And now you're going down. Look, 'headmaster' your organization is crumbling. Your people are dying. You got no chance." Catherine said

"That maybe, but I shall go down fighting!" the man shouted hitting a button.

The lights went out, leaving Catherine in complete darkness. But when they came back on, a large spider-like mech stood in front of her. It's head resembled that of a toy Otacon had given to her as a child. What was it called...? Metal Gear..Rex?

"This may not be able to launch nukes, but it will be more than enough to take care of you!" The man shouted

Catherine wasted no time idling at the monstrosity, and instead opened fire, trying to catch the man before his face shield went down but to no avail. Catherine dove behind cover as a machine gun protruded from the torso of the spider and returned fire. Catherine dug into her pocket and slapped another clip in.

"Boss!" Ocelot shouted

"Busy!" Catherine shouted back

"Two things! Raiden's fighting that Victor guy. And I know that machine's weakness. The joints. Right where the legs meet the body. A well placed rocket, or string of bullets will cripple it!" Ocelot said

"Thanks." Catherine mumbled

However she had another idea. She switched her Solid Eye to Night Vision and noticed a large amount exhaust coming from the top, just behind the man's seat. A well placed grenade would blow that thing sky high. Catherine switched on her Stealth Camouflage, tossed her empty clip behind the man and waited.

"Trying to get the jump on me!?" The man shouted unloading more lead into the wall behind him, "That won't work!"

Catherine smiled to herself as she jumped onto the machine, making little noise compared to the gunfire coming from below her, took out a grenade and tossed it into the exhaust vent and dove into the dirt as it exploded the machine into a thousand pieces. However, when Catherine landed, her head hit a pillar, knocking her out cold.

When she came to, Ocelot was standing over her, a cigar in his mouth.

"Need help kid?" Ocelot asked extending a hand

"Thanks." Catherine said taking it with a smile.

"Hey Catherine." Raiden said stepping into the light, the severed head of Victor in his hand

"Err...what are you doing with that?" Catherine asked

"I'm going to eat it. What do you think? I'm going to toss it into the ocean. Make sure the bastard doesn't come back." Raiden said

"Well did we do it?" Catherine asked

"We lost seventy five percent of our ground and air forces, but whatever's left is finishing off what's left of the enemy." Ocelot said taking another puff of his cigar.

Catherine gave Ocelot a hug and whispered "It's's finally over."

Despite him obviously not knowing what the hell she was talking about, he patted her on the back

The following morning, Naomi called Catherine and Katnis into a private meeting in Sunny's bunker.

"Hey Naomi what cha need?" Catherine asked

"Well, after analyzing the cloning formula we got from the Blue Rose, I think I found something that might interest you." Naomi said

"What is it?" Katnis asked

Naomi held up a vial of green liquid "Let's find out shall we?"


  • 2025 - All forms of cybernetic enhancements aside from Veteran aid is outlawed around the world.
  • 2026 - The Snatcher Project is completed
  • 2028 - World War III ends officially, exactly thirteen years after it was first declared
  • 2029 - Russian forces refuse to surrender land claimed in Africa and Afghanistan they won during the war.
  • 2030 - The International Intelligence Agency is shut down.
  • 2030 - The first Androids are released to the public.


"I think it's time to give you a name little one."

"What about this?"

"Doesn't look amused Cat."

"What about this?"

"No reaction. Tell me again why we are letting the baby pick it's own name?"

"That's what my mom did for me!"

"Alright alright what about this?"

The infant started laughing as if it was being tickled

"That's the one."

"You like that don't you?"

"What a pretty name!"