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Outer Savin'... Three years after the Secret Santa incident... We had classified information that a new Santa had taken power. The whole thing was naughty, but our noses had been out in the cold too long...
Cold Snake

Merry Gear Solid 2: The Ghosts of Christmas Past is a fan-game based on the Metal Gear series with a Christmas theme.


Merry Gear Solid 2 has the same basic gameplay as its predecessor. The player controls Cold Snake (Old Snake with Santa OctoCamo) as he sneaks past naughty children who are once again staying up on Christmas Eve. There are more features based on the Metal Gear games, both in-game and fourth wall-breaking, as well as boss fights that require certain gimmicks to complete.


3 years after the Secret Santa incident, Christmas has never been the same. The number of PNC (Pretty Naughty Children) groups has increased over the years, and the SOC (Spirit of Christmas) system is out of balance due to the untimely assassination of Saint Nick. On Christmas Eve, Cold Snake infiltrates Outer Savin' Mall to stop the Ghosts of Christmas Past from gaining full control over the SOC system and throwing the world into perpetual naughtiness.

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