Fyrelight Private Military Company (Often abbreviated Fyrelight PMC) was a UK based PMC that operated in the Middle East, Northern America and in parts of Africa. The PMC operates its own cyborg maintenance and surgical procedure facilities, enabling it access to Cyborg operatives. The PMC only operated in static defense formations, due to its lack of air power and effective long range aircraft to offer air support.

History and interactions Edit

Fyrelight was founded by Callum Andrews in 1989, based in the United Kingdom near the city of Swansea, taking on its first major contracts in 1992, defending major investments in oil subsidiaries, such as oil refineries, oil Pipelines and oil extraction facilities. The company operated solely in Africa and the Middle East from 1994-2014, before accepting a contract as the new Police force in the city of Salem, following increasing law enforcement privatization in the United States, following the economical disaster after the fall of the War Economy and the SOP.

The companies somewhat aggressive pursuit of both military hardware and capable operators, led to the company achieving significant advantages over other competitors in the security service field; utilising advanced technologies in the field, including the Gekko autonomous fighting vehicle, which it purchased at significantly reduced rates, thanks to some tactical bargaining and pressuring ArmsTech in to a early sale, thus eliminating the haggling process that most Private Military companies endured.

The company was also aggressive in its approach towards contracts, though this usually meant that its primary competitor Praying Mantis was awarded the contract over Fyrelight, the companies many employees and corporate boards disdain. From 2016 onwards, the company pursued a somewhat less forceful means of securing contracts and negotiating with individual contractors on a face to face basis, earning them a minor amount of business with smaller countries, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.