Demo-Crazy, formerly known as Demo Wolf, was a tactical and weapons advisor from Taiwan.[1] He is noted as having an extraordinarily high metabolism, often eating snacks while on the job. Demo-Crazy is also noted for his knowledge of military treatises. Little else is currently known, other than that he was a direct descendant of a member of the Wisemen's Committee and was affiliated with FOXHOUND until its disbandment. He was born on September 3, 1979.

Personality and traits Edit

Demo-Crazy rarely fails to keep his cool, even in tight situations, offering support and advise to agents in the field. Although he recognized other alternatives, Demo-Crazy claimed that a well placed explosive can fix virtually anything.[2]

His passion for food is Demo-Crazy's distinguishing trait in both cooking and eating. He even jokes that if he ever got married, Demo-Crazy would do the cooking instead of his wife.

Behind the scenes Edit

The spelling "democrazy" can be phoenetically pronounced as "democracy". The first half of the code-name, demo, can mean "but" or "however" in Japanese.

Notes and referencesEdit